Monday, 5 August 2013

A busy weekend

Hi all,

If you read my blog regularly you may have noticed it's been a bit quiet in these parts for a couple of weeks. I've had a slight bout of "bloggers block" shall we call it. I honestly can't think of anything interesting to tell you guys because life has been a bit event less lately. I seem to have lost all inspiration somewhere which is frustrating! I've lost two followers in a week which, I'm not going to lie, is a little gutting. I know it's not all about the followers blah blah, but it's nice to see the numbers in that little box on the right go up-it makes me feel that people actually enjoy reading my ramblings. 

Anyway, enough with the sob story, here is what we've been up to this weekend.

On Friday it was my mum's 50th. Can you believe this lady is 50? As I honestly can't. I seriously hope that I've inherited these genes!

We had a little tea party at my nan's for her and in the evening we had a meal at Sweeney Hall.

It's a lovely place with great big gardens, perfect for taking lots of photos.

After some gin & tonics on the terrace (which is quickly becoming my favourite tipple), we were ushered to our table. The food is always amazing and I ate far too much (and too quickly as I didn't get a picture of anything!). We then had a few more drinks and enjoyed the company.

We left happy, with full bellies and quite merry (in some cases...) ready for another busy day.

On Saturday we went to my little town's annual agricultural show, I haven't been since I was a child and my mum was keen to take Ava so off we went. We were lucky with the weather and Ava went on her first fairground ride which she loved!

Ava was spoilt as usual, mum bought her a lovely wooden plaque for her bedroom door, I'd been looking for one for ages and this one is just perfect.

She loved seeing all the animals but refused to sit in her pram, thank god for reins.

We went home for an early night ready for another busy day!

Yesterday we took another annual trip, this time to Chester Races Fun Day. Now last year we were extremely unlucky with the weather, the rain was torrential! This year it rained, although not quite as much. Still abit disappointing, especially with all the gorgeous weather we've had recently, sods law! We still had a great day and I even won £22 on the last race. Nath and I won over £100 between us. Not as jammy as our friend Eddie who won £650! Lucky bugger, at least he bought everyone some drinks in the pub later on. Thanks Ed.

So there you have it. My very busy weekend, it's not over yet as I'm off until Thursday so today we are off to our wedding venue to get an idea of where everything will go! Exciting.

If you have any tips on how to get over "bloggers block" I'd love to hear them!!

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Kim Carberry said...

Looks like you all had a fab time!
Your mum looks AMAZING!! I would of said she was 40 at the most! WOW! x

Victoria - WTPP said...

What gorgeous pictures! The one of her holding the umbrella is just adorable.. your mum looks amazing btw! Id love to look that good at 30 nevermind 50 x

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