Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Childs First Best Friend

When I was born my Great-Grandmother bought me a teddy bear, he was named Toby and we became great friends. Wherever I went Toby wasn't far away. We had some great adventures together and he was my first best friend. I still have him now, a little worse for wear but I still smile whenever I see him.

When Ava was born she was bought many a soft toy but one really stuck out to me. A soft rabbit comforter made by Jelly Cat, given to her by my friend Lucy. I loved it, it was so soft and the perfect size (I have spoken about it here too). I quickly introduced "Snuggy" and now Ava cannot bear to be apart from it.

They go to nursery together, have dinner together (you can tell by the bolognese stains), sleep together... I had never realised how attachted she was to it until recently. She is currently teething and on this particular day I could tell that she was tired. I took her up to lie in my bed and I lay beside her. Snuggy was at that moment in time on the washing line (unbeknown to Ava, I have to hide it on there). She would not settle, she tossed and turned until I gave in. I went to fetch Snuggy and no sooner had I given it to her she was fast asleep, amazing!

I've been told to buy her another, just in case we lose it, which almost happen when up town one day. After a heart stopping moment and retracing my steps a good samaritain had put Snuggy on a bench. I thanked my lucky stars that day. Unfortunately they no longer make the same comfortors and as Ava is getting older I fear that she'd notice the difference. I guess we'll just have to hold on extra tight to this one.

I wonder how long Ava will keep Snuggy for, will she still keep him secretly stashed under her pillow when she's 16, will he make his way into her boxes for university, will she pass him on to her baby one day or will it be left behind for her old mama to keep and reminise of the days when she couldn't sleep without a stuffed rabbit.

What do you think of comforters? Does your child have a comforter?

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