Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ava's July

I can't believe July is over already. I say that every month I know but it's seriously scary how fast this year is going by and how each month my little girl gets bigger.

She now likes to run! God help me! She loves it when you chase her and squeals with delight, it's so sweet! 

Her vocabulary and understanding is improving all the time. She says "yeah" an nods if she wants something but shakes her head if she doesn't. She calls me "mummy" in her own little way too which is nice as she's been saying "daddy" for a while.

She is obsessed with shoes at the moment! They all get taken out of the wardrobe and scattered over her bedroom floor, slightly frustrating when you're going out and can only find one shoe. She loves trying to put them on herself and she's getting pretty good at it.

 She's really enjoying dolls and kitchenettes at the moment. She takes her doll for walks in it's pram and gives it milk and food, it's ridiculously cute! She's been playing with the kitchenette in nursery a lot and we are thinking of buying her one.

I love watching her speech improved and am in awe of the new things that she picks up.

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