Friday, 23 August 2013

Daddy Saves the Day

Before I start I'll say that I'm not into public displays of affection. All that mushy stuff just leaves me cringing to be honest, so this isn't something that I do. 

 But I honestly don't know what I'd have done without Nath the day before yesterday, all you single parents out there I seriously take my hat off to you, you're fantastic. I really could not do it. 

A few nights ago I was struck down by a sickness bug and it completely wiped me out. Nathan had it the day before me and still wasn't 100% but he still took the reins. I was left in bed all day feeling extremely sorry for myself while he looked after Ava from morning to evening. I could hear squeals of delight (from Ava) coming from downstairs as they played together. He even took her to have her hair cut! 

I know most people will say this about their partners but he really is the most wonderful dad. Ava adores him and she is the apple of his eye. So much so that I'd started to feel a bit left out when I could hear all the fun they were having! I was ridiculously grateful for him and kept thanking him, to the point where he simply said "I'm her dad, that's what I'm supposed to do."
In a year's time we'll be married and I couldn't be happier. I feel very lucky.

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