Monday, 26 August 2013

Soak and Sleep | Review

If someone asked me to name one thing that I missed about my life before Ava I would say "sleep". You can keep the nights out, clothes and all of the other material things, just give me sleep. I miss the blissful unbroken sleep & the luxurious lie-ins.

Don't get me wrong Ava is a fab little sleeper when she wants to be but if you read this post or follow me on Twitter you'll know that not only has Ava been teething lately, I also came down with a stomach bug this week. As you can imagine, sleep has been lacking. So when I was asked if I would like to review a product from Soak and Sleep it couldn't have come at a better time.

Soak and Sleep specialise in quality bed and bathroom products at a fraction of high street prices. We were sent the New White Goose Down Duvet to review (R.R.P £63.25)

Now I will say that we already own a duck down duvet. It was bought for us by my mum & step-dad as a housewarming gift from Dunhelm. It was a luxury for Nath & I having always had a standard duvet . It was soft, thick and luxurious but it moults everywhere! I'm not joking, the thing's a nightmare, our room is a constant fluff ball because of the darn duvet and as it's very thick I'm always far too hot which makes me wake in the night. So I was slightly dubious about the one from Soak and Sleep, would this one be a moulter? Was it going to be too warm?

I won't lie, as soon as it arrived I took it out of it's packaging (mainly because Ava was whinging at me to do so) and shook it. No fluff! First test passed. 
As I am used to a thick duvet I was slightly worried about the thickness of this one. It was a tog 9.0 but felt thin, was it going to keep us warm? Once Nath was home and I managed to prise the duvet from Ava, I went upstairs, made the bed (still marvelling at the no fluff factor) and got excited for bed time.

I'll cut to the chase, I had a brilliant night's sleep. I had a Goldilocks moment, I wasn't too hot, nor too cold, I was just right. The duvet wasn't too thin at all, it was in fact extremely comfortable. It's now even harder for me to get out of bed!

 A great quality product and I would not hesitate to recommend Soak and Sleep.

*We were sent this product for purpose of review. I will always give my honest opinion when reviewing a product.


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