Wednesday, 7 August 2013

For my brother

I've never written a poem before but this one came into my head the other night when I was thinking about my brother.

You were my brother but also my friend for so long
 I  still find it hard to believe that you're really gone

It could be a song or just a simple melody
Or something funny Ava has done that I wish you could see

I can't believe that it will almost be two years
I have never once cried so many tears

I wonder if we could have made you stay at home that day
The "what if's" in my mind never seem to go away

I wish I could see that cheeky smile or hear your laugh
And just talk about things we used to do in the past

Sometimes I get mad at you for leaving us this way
I think about it alot and wonder what you would say

I worry about Ava far too much to
I'm scared that we will lose her like we did you

But I know that those thoughts will just drive me mad
And they  just leave me feeling incredibly sad

Some days are better than others but the pain is always there
I miss the things we used to talk about and the secrets we would share

Because there's no one like you, you were such a friend to me
We miss you so very much down here, this is where you're meant to be

But I know that when my time comes and I get to heaven's door
You shall be there waiting for me and will be at my side once more.

I miss you xx



Kim Carberry said...

Beautiful! Hugs x

Hayley McLean said...

I don't know you and I have no idea what happened to your brother, but I have tears streaming down my face. That is a beautiful sincere poem. I hope it somehow helped to release some emotion to write it. x

Alex said...

I couldn't comment last night on my phone as you know. But Ive come back to leave you a comment to tell you how beautifully written your poem is. xx


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