Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Toddler

Yesterday we paid a visit to Nathan's cousin and his girlfriend who have just taken their newborn son Louie home. He is absolutely gorgeous and after a few cuddles we were asked questions about what we used to do with Ava's bottles as a newborn.

I was stumped and looked at Nath for help, he looked equally as blank. Finally after a long pause and a lot of awkward "erms" we racked our brains long enough to come up with the answer. In the car on the way home Nath turned to me and said "I can't believe that we both forgot how we used to make Ava's bottles, because it's not that long ago is it?"

No, it isn't long at all in fact. Ava will be 17 months old this month. But her baby days seem so long ago. I look at her now and she seems to be growing by the minute. Every day she learns something new, there is a new word to say or a new place to explore. The world is her playground and it's so exciting for her.

I sometimes look at her and think about how far we've come, once just a bump then a new mum so unsure, now you've found you're feet and I'm chasing after you while you squeal with delight.

Because she won't be little forever that I know. It's so hard being a mum sometimes, you want them to grow up and be healthy and strong but at the same time you want to keep them young, you want the chubby little arms around your neck and the sticky kisses forever.

Almost 17 months, I can't believe it really. And I can't even remember how I made Ava's bottles, god help us if we have another one!

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Eilidh T said...

It really is amazing how fast they grow! And bottles... I had to rack my brain but I remember now! Haha xo

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