Friday, 16 August 2013

What I would do with 20k...

Wow, 20,000 that's a lot of zeros isn't it! Nathan and I have played this game before, in fact it's one that we play frequently "what would we do if we won the lottery." It looks something like this:

It couldn't come at a better time what with our wedding next year. Don't worry, I wouldn't go all Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on you, it would just give us a little more money to play with. We'd be able to not only give ourselves an amazing day but it would be a day to remember for our guests too. I wouldn't go too OTT but I'd add some little details such as a cocktail bar (can't go wrong with that) and a photo booth, some fun touches.


We currently rent so it would be amazing to get a house of our own. I'm a bit of a secret geek and love programmes like Homes Under the Hammer so would love the opportunity to renovate a creaky old house and rent it out. Little bit of investment here & there.

I'd also like to donate some to charity, children's charities to be specific. As a mother these touch my heart, I am lucky enough never to have had to need these charities but I feel comforted knowing that they're there, should I ever need them  and having the ability to support children and families who need these charities would be wonderful.


We'd treat our families, maybe to a staycation or an all expenses paid dinner, no not McDonalds! Somewhere nice!


Obviously we'd have to treat our little princess and where better to take a little princess that Disney World. I've always wanted to go and so has Nathan. Ava would love it and it would be the family trip of a lifetime!

At the end of all that I think there would still be some room for a little treat for myself, only a little one...

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