Monday, 30 September 2013

Counting down to Christmas

I know, I'm sorry! It's the dreaded C word! But to me, the end of September marks the beginning of my Christmas countdown. Forget Halloween, for me it's all about mulled wine, wrapping paper, twinkling lights and maybe even snow. Oh and the food! You can't forget the food!

I never used to be a huge fan of Christmas, to be honest I used to think it was a big fuss over one day. But now that I'm a mother, the magic of Christmas just takes over! I can't wait to decorate the house and wrap Ava's presents with Love Actually or Elf on in the background (what's your favourite Christmas film?) I've started shopping for Ava's Christmas presents and thought I'd share some of the things on that we're hopefully going to get for her. Last Christmas Ava was poorly, you can read about it here, so I hope that things will be different this year.

As you can see I've been sucked in by the delights of the Great Little Trading Company again! Their stuff is just too darn cute! I love it! I've already bought her the stroller and some Play Doh and want to get her some bath crayons and books too. 

As for my own wishlist, I desperately need new gym clothes as I've started a new fitness regime (more on that soon) and some new trainers would be nice. I'm also in dire need of some new clothes!

What are you buying for your little one this Christmas or hoping for yourself?

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Unknown said...

Oh these look so cute! I hope I get to buy for a girly one day. I have no clue what to get W, but I think he'd love a kitchen. He likes 'helping' me and has played with his friend's before. LOVE the new blog design pickle. xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks Charl I'm so pleased with it. Great Little Trading Company have such gorgeous toys. So fab kitchens for boys too :). xxx

Unknown said...

That little kitchen is adorable! Ava is going to be a very lucky girl this Christmas.

I think the best Christmas film to watch while wrapping pressies has to be Polar Express. I found out that we have a copy at work so I'll be putting it on the big TV at work on Christmas day and trying to watch snippets when I can!

Magali x
Petite Gingembre

Unknown said...

So sweet isn't it! I've never watched Polar Express but I'll get it for Ava this Christmas. I'm sure she'll love it.xx

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