Friday, 20 September 2013

Silence is Golden

It feels like an age since I've written anything on my little blog. Truth is technology is seriously hating on me at the moment. Our laptop went down on me last week and is currently in computer rehab. I'm hoping they will be able to save it but it's not looking good. As long as they can retrieve my photos and videos I'll be happy. It also wouldn't let me add any photos to this post!

I've tried to revive my old Notebook but it's full of viruses and so dang slow! Hopefully we'll know by next week whether our laptop is salvageable. Excitingly I'm having my blog redesigned at the moment. I've seen the header and I love it. It's very Cath Kidston-esque. As I've always designed my blog myself I'm very excited about this. I need to put some sort of structure in place with my posts and I think this will be a perfect time to do so!

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