Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sometimes being a mum is a bit hard...

Something has been on my mind and has been getting me down. Lately I've noticed a change in Ava, I'm not sure when it happened but for a couple of weeks she's been challenging me.

It seems to be a constant battle in our house. I seem to be forever telling her no or shouting and I don't like it. It's getting me down, although I keep telling myself it's just a phase. Then I imagine that this is what it will be like when she's a teenager! Minus the hitting, hopefully.

I feel like a horrible mother at the moment. I hate saying no, I hate raising my voice. I don't want her first childhood memories to be ones of me shouting "get out of the fridge". I don't want people to think I can't control my child. I don't want to be one of these people who has a naughty child but just brushes them off as being "hyper-intelligent". I don't want a naughty child end of.

But how do I nip this in the bud? I'm guessing it's something all babies go through? I'm just not sure how to tackle it so that it doesn't develop into naughtiness.

So I'm stuck, how do I tackle this? As a first time mum it's all new to me. My mum has given me some advice:

  • Don't tap her hand when she hits you, it shows her that it's okay. Say "No" firmly.
  • Never use the bedroom as punishment. This will create havoc at bedtime.
But what do you do with a child who won't listen?  Have you experienced this or have any tips for me?

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