Tuesday, 15 October 2013

19 months

The months seem to be flying towards your second birthday! As strange as it sounds I love dressing you at the moment with Zara still being my favourite shop.

I've started to bake with you and tomorrow we're attempting some muffins (stay tuned to see how that goes). We have so much fun playing now as you're using your imagination a lot more.

We're having some issues with bedtime again, you used to be so good and would go up at 7.30 but now it's a bit of a battle. Especially since you understand so much and can say no! You're still pushing the boundaries at the moment and seeing what you can get away with which is pretty exhausting but it's all part and parcel of motherhood.

You've started to say mummy, much to my delight. You never really said "mama" but have been saying "daddy" so clearly for a while now and I must say I felt a bit left out. I love it when you come in and shout "mummy". It's so cute!

I think we're going to be attempting potty training soon which I must say I'm quite nervous about! If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them!

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EilidhPie said...

19 months! Wow that's come along fast! She's absolutely gorgeous; I love her style and the pictures of her on IG!
Bedtime became a bit of a nightmare for us too recently; Aiden was similar in that he *used* to go down about 7/7:30 but recently he'd be throwing an almighty strop that is making me fearful for the terrible twos! We decided to cut his nap out altogether and it has really helped! He gets a bit grumpy in the early afternoon but a banana or something like that normally perks him up! Good luck sorting out your bed time routine! Xxo

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