Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Spooky visit to the farm

Okay so I've completely contradicted myself, after saying in this post that I wasn't going to buy Ava a costume this year I've not only bought her a costume but a pumpkin too. Which daddy carved free hand! I was very impressed after ruining the first one. Oops! She had to unexpectedly go to nursery today and I couldn't have her missing out.

Yesterday my friend Gemma asked us if we would like to go along to our local countryside experience (which Ava and I visited this Summer) and dress the girls up. So that is what we did. Since our day out to Cheshire Ice Cream Farm all Ava has been on about is the animals so it was great to be able to say "Yes, we're going to see the animals today" rather than "it's close today" or "they're sleeping". She was so excited!

Her costume was £10 from Sainsburys and the tights were separate. I added some leggings and socks underneath as I didn't want her to get too cold.

Her little friends Ava, Poppy & Darcie also dressed up. They had a lovely time looking at the animals, having a tractor ride, playing on the bouncy castle and eating chocolate. Ava was shattered by the end and fell asleep in the car but I think she had a good time.

Blurry but I quite like this one

We're so lucky to have such a lovely place close to home. I'm thinking about holding Ava's 2nd birthday there in March so watch this space.

Hope you've all had a fun filled Halloween!


Alex Gladwin said...

Aww this looks like so much fun. I hope I have the opportunity to do things like this with Ethan as he gets older :)

Alex x

Lived With Love said...

This sounds so fun, especially as its so close to you!

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