Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

It had been a while since Ava and I had our last Mummy & Daughter day out and as I had a few days off work I thought it would be the perfect time for us to do something together. I searched Google for some inspiration and after finding the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm I knew I needed to look no further.

With delights such as an ice-cream parlour, farmyard animals and a soft play area, it's stuff toddler dreams are made of. After noticing that it was free admission I was sold and scribbled down directions. Now I'll be honest and say that I'm the sort of person who mixes up my left with my right so I didn't have high hopes of finding the place but I needn't have worried. It was well sign posted and we arrived a lot sooner than I had anticipated.

As soon as we arrived we headed straight to the Country Kitchen Cafe for some lunch. The sandwiches were freshly prepared and well priced, first little tick in my book. There was so much food on offer, hot and cold, but as we wanted to leave room for ice-cream we had a quick bite and headed to the soft play area. Again, it was free for toddlers with a separate enclosed area which is always a plus for me. Ava loved it in there.

Next for the best part, the award winning ice cream. There were so many flavours I was spoilt for choice, in the end I picked a trusty mint choc chip and Ava had strawberries and cream in a teddy cone. I debated on pigging out and going for two flavours in a double cone but the scoops were very generous and I was already having difficulty holding onto Ava by myself. Next time I'm taking back up and will definitely be having a double cone. I've already got my eye on the fudge flavour!

Ava liked her ice cream but always prefers to eat the cone...

Unfortunately as we were enjoying our ice creams near a wooden play area Ava trod in some dog muck. There are few things I find more disgusting than people not cleaning up after their dogs, especially near a children's play park. Luckily some of the workers were walking by, they apologised and someone came to clean it up right away. It was such a shame but it didn't spoil our day as we carried on exploring.

We then went to see the animals which Ava was funny about, she found them fascinating but cried if I tried to put her down. We had to go back to see them three times.

There is something there for all ages, a small outdoor playground for under 3's, an outdoor playground for older children, mini golf and some quad bikes that Ava and I had a go on, for £1 for 2 laps it would have been rude not to.

We explored the gift and farm shops which didn't cost an arm and a leg much to my pleasant surprise. We had such a lovely day out and it didn't cost the earth which is the main thing. It's a fantastic family run business, something which I am always happy to support. They even cater for childrens parties, so if you're local why not give it a try.

I'd definitely recommend a visit. Ava is still crying about wanting to see the animals so I know we'll be heading back. Next time I want to visit The Artisan Room, where they show you how the ice cream is made, and maybe take home a tub or two...

For more information head to their website.

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Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

I've always wanted to go and some fiends of ours camped nearby recently but we couldn't join them unfortunately. It sounds and looks lovely there :)

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