Friday, 4 October 2013

Spend the day with us

I've mentioned in a previous post that my favourite day is a Wednesday. Reason being it's my day off and I get to spend the whole day with Ava.

Excuse the hideous picture of me but I couldn't resist putting this one up of Ava. Adorable!

Although stressful at times I try and make sure we get out of the house at least once a day. I hate being cooped up indoors and she's at the age where she loves to explore. I took some photos throughout the day on Wednesday to share with you.

Ava was up early but I didn't mind as I was determined to take her for breakfast (not something that happens every Wednesday by the way). She always has her bottle on the sofa whilst watching the cartoons followed by breakfast (usually Weetabix) in her highchair.

After a couple of tantrums (both her and I) we were ready to go! I'm in love with her little outfit.
Ava's Outfit Of The Day:
Trench Coat-Zara
Jumper (just seen. No longer online)-Zara
Skirt- Next
Tights-H&M (last season)

Our first stop was Costa. When Ava saw the tray laden with breakfast goodies she squealed "wow"!

Ava enjoyed her first Babyccino (baby hot chocolate) and a tea cake. With full bellies we mooched round a couple of shops then up to the library. Ava and I both have library cards but I don't take her as often as I should. Our library was completely renovated a few years ago and it's brilliant. The children's area is lovely and big. The books are all in perfect condition and not half-chewed like I'm sure you get in some libraries. Now that the days are getting colder I'll definitely be taking her more often. She loved it!

The books we picked from the library. Who else remembers Funnybones & Old Bear from their childhood?

Whilst Ava napped I managed to blitz the kitchen and clean the oven! A small victory!

Say cheese Ava

After her nap Ava was obviously hungry so I gave her a piece of cheese while I got her favourite lunch ready (cheese & ham omelette).

Then the best part of Ava's day happened. Daddy came home!

We also had a visit from my dad and went to visit Nath's parents. When we came home it was time to watch cartoons while mummy got the dinner ready.

Now I have to admit I had an absolute mummy fail moment. I made a green thai chicken curry for tea and used one of the Blue Dragon jars as it's quicker. I usually get mild but in my hurry picked up a hot one in the shop without realising. I couldn't understand why Ava's eyes started watering and she was scratching her tongue after one mouthful. Safe to say I quickly whisked it away and made her something else. I'll be checking the small print in future. Poor girl!

So there you have it. A typical day in our house.

I also wanted to tell you all that Ava has been selected as one of the new faces of Isossy Children. I entered the competition on Lotte's blog on a whim, never thinking in a million years she'd win. We're off to London at the end of the month for a photoshoot. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you guys. We're so excited and proud.


Rebecca U said...

Sounds like a lovely day :) and what a brilliant library - our local one is rubbish :(

Rebecca U said...

sounds like such a fun day :) and what a fab library - our local one is rubbish haha.

Kim Carberry said...

Aww what a lovely day!
Fab photos x

Unknown said...

Thank you we had a lovely day. Our library really is lovely :) xx

Lindsay said...

Her little outfit is so cute!

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