Sunday, 6 October 2013

What's in my handbag- The Mummy Edition

Since starting my blog almost a whole year ago (time flies) the one post I've seen pop up a lot on various blogs is the "What's in my handbag" tag. Now being the nosey person that I am I very much enjoy these posts and am always in awe of their immaculate, luxurious and cool content.

I thought I'd share with you the contents of my handbag. Be warned, it's neither immaculate, luxurious or cool! In fact as a self-confessed disorganised person it's pretty much a shambles!

My handbag isn't old but I've already lost the little locket feature from the front. I still use it all the time as it's a nice strong handbag and it goes with pretty much anything. It's from Miss Selfridge.

I've literally emptied the contents of my handbag onto the bed. It's an extremely roomy handbag that holds a lot of rubbish!

As you can see.

For a reason unknown I seem to have 5 lipsticks in my handbag, a Wow toy, a pack of tissues, a used tissue, a pack of (opened) milky bar buttons (giant ones), an organiser (ironic), a used bib, a leaflet from a bridal store, my purse and my iphone.

I can't honestly say that this is all down to me being a mother, I've always been messy (ask Nath), but the bib and Wow toy are obvious new additions.

MAC-Russian Red/ Rimmel- Kate 101/Rimmel- Coral Queen/ L'Oreal Color Riche Serum- Freshly Candy/MAC- Milan Mode

I'm not the sort of person who re-applies makeup during the day so I have no idea how these have found themselves into my bag. For this very reason lipsticks last me yonks! The packaging on Rimmel Coral Queen is falling apart and Ava has poked her finger into the L'Oreal lipstick. I love the colours though so I don't want to throw them out. The Wow man was given to us as a sample figurine. It's great to give to Ava when she starts getting bored and cranky.

A distraction tactic for Ava or a snack for me on a bad day! I always keep something in my bag to munch on. It's great that Ava now eats these things as I can pinch some too!

My iphone, otherwise know as the extension to my hand. I'm a bit useless for leaving it lying around in the house but I'm addicted to Instagram at the moment and am always snapping away and uploading pictures. I upgraded to IOS7 last night and although I wasn't going to I'm so glad I did. I love it! My purse is a plain Primark number. I think a new one will be on my Christmas list this year. Maybe a cute Ted Baker one?

I won this Personal Planner a couple of months ago over on Kerry's blog. I love it and I carry it around with me with the good intention of being more organised. I started well but have recently fallen off the waggon. I know that it will be super handy as our wedding draws closer though!

I'm about as stumped as you with this one, I have no idea why I have a dirty bib in my handbag. I may have taken it with me when I took Ava out for breakfast on Wednesday...? It actually came in very handy yesterday when I needed to remove some lipstick.

Not painting a very good picture of myself here am I? Now we have a pack of tissues and a used tissue. Although in my defence I always think that if you can re-use the tissue after one blow there's no point wasting that just me? Moving on...I always keep a pack of tissues or wet wipes in my bag due to a poop related incident involving Ava when she was only a few months old. I was out on a walk, she was wearing a short romper suit, poop happened and I had no wipes. It was traumatic.

Yesterday I went to this bridal shop in Chester with my mum, auntie & friend Trudy and I found The One. I'm SO excited. It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I knew as soon as I walked into the changing rooms that I would find it. It was quite an emotional moment when I tried it on. It really was love!

So there you have it. The very underwhelming contents of my handbag! I would like to add that I have now binned the tissue and put the bib in the wash! 

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