Saturday, 16 November 2013

20 months

All dressed up for Children in Need at nursery

20 months old already. The time is flying by! We're having so much fun together these days. Although the tantrums aren't that great! Your speech is coming along so well, you can string words together for example "bye bye woof" which I find so clever. You know so much, your understanding of the world around you amazes me. You tell me when it's dark or when something is cold. Although you haven't mastered the word "hot" yet.

Bed time has become easier. We have a story in mummy & daddy's bed then a cuddle. I then put you into your bed and you usually drift off. You've really been suffering with your back molars recently. So dribbly and cranky, you hadn't had any through for a while and I'd forgotten how much it breaks my heart to see you in pain. 

We're enjoying walks together, weather permitting and you love helping me bake and cook the dinner! I'm so excited for Christmas with you this year! I need to dig out the video camera because I need to document your surprise on Christmas morning. I can't wait to start putting some traditions together that we will enjoy throughout your childhood.

You're such a loving little girl. Always hugging and kissing! We are so lucky to have you, you're so loved.

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