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CANparent Parenting classes

As a first time mother I was often given advice by other parents. The advice was usually a lot of do's and don't and what had worked best for them and their child. I would take the advice on board but would also Google everything and read every information leaflet going.

The hard part was trying to weed out the parenting myths from the facts. Because that is all I wanted, facts. Being a mother is hard work and it can be pretty scary at times. I remember the early days well, I was worried that the midwives would think that I was an unfit mother, the amount of times I would ring the midwife unit just to ask a question but all I was looking for was some professional advice.

That is why I think the CANparent parenting classes would have benefited me enormously. CANparent classes have been put in place by the government to offer quality, practical parenting classes to families,covering a range of topics, from learning through play to behavioral solutions.

 And most importantly, breaking down the myth barriers. Watch this video for a selection of the most popular ones according to the parenting experts.

Here are some myths that I've encountered as a parent:

If you co-sleep with your baby, you will never get them into a normal routine.

Not true in our case. Ava has often found herself in our bed, usually when she is ill or teething. However she much prefers to be in her own cot and after wriggling around in our bed for a few minutes, often asks to go back into her own room.

You shouldn't give your children chocolate when they are small as they will ask for it all the time. 

My advice is "everything in moderation" Ava has chocolate as a treat every so often. We haven't yet introduced sweets but she knows when no means no and a little isn't going to harm her.

You should stop giving them a bottle at 18 months old

Ava is 20 months old and still has one bottle in the morning and one in the evening. I have been thinking about phasing them out but I'm in no hurry, every child is different and she is happy.

There are so many parenting myths out there, as a new parent it is sometimes hard to come across the truth. Some parenting situations can also be hard to deal with which is why I am fully behind the CANparent parenting classes which are currently being trialed in Camden, Middlesbrough and High Peak. If you live, work or study in these areas or your child goes to nursery or school there, you can attend a CANparent class for free by using a £100 voucher.

Head over and "Like" the CANparent Facebook page for more information and expert parenting advice.

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