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Sammy & The Skyscraper Sandwich Giveaway

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that we are big bookworms in our house. Now that Ava is getting older I love browsing book shops or our local library to find some of my old favourites or exciting new stories.

We were recently kindly sent some new book releases one of them being Sammy & The Skyscraper Sandwich. This is a wonderfully fun book about a little boy named Sammy who becomes rather peckish one day and decides to make a ginormous sandwich.

One of the first things that caught my attention was the fantastic pictures. The illustrations are so retro and cool, like nothing I've ever seen before. 

Here is a short Q & A with Pieter Gaudesaboos, the illustrator behind these amazing drawings.

1) Can you tell us how Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich originated?

I met Lorraine when I was an exchange student living in Ireland (Athlone) for three months in 2000. One year later, during the summer holidays, I came back for a month to work in Galway and made contact with Lorraine. I knew she was a writer, and I wanted to do something with picture books. We had an amazing brainstorm, and this story just popped out. Back home, Lorraine wrote the text and I came up with the illustrations. We sent our ideas to a few big English publishers, but with no result. Meanwhile, I had a successful picture book career on my own back in Belgium. In 2008 I contacted Lorraine again with three questions: 1. Did she remember me? 2. Did she remember the great book idea we had? 3. Was she interested in publishing it for the Dutch market? Lorraine changed the text a little bit, I created new illustrations, and the book was published in 2009. Now we’re very happy to have it published in the original English version as well.

2) Please can you tell us about the inspiration for Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich

 It just came naturally. I showed Lorraine my sketchbook which contained a lot of crazy illustrations, including a page with all different types of sandwiches. We joked about a boy that was so hungry he would demolish his house to make the biggest sandwich in the whole world. We laughed a lot and realized it was a great idea!

3) There's so much detail in Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich! Do you have a favourite illustration?

I think my favourite one is this

  There’s lots of details on this one, and it’s the first time you see the whole sandwich.

4) What children's books did you enjoy as a child?

All sorts of books with fantasy and imagination. I’ve read all the great Roald Dahl books, and Dutch children’s books in the same style.

5) Who are your favourite illustrators?

I really like the vintage ‘golden books’. But my all time favourite illustrator is Oliver Jeffers. I adore the absurdity of his stories, in combination with the simple (‘less is more’) but effective style of his illustrations.

I have 5 copies of this beautiful book to give away. It would make a lovely Christmas present for someone.

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