Friday, 8 November 2013

Silver Linings

Let's get real for a moment, I'm sure you'll all know by now that motherhood isn't all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it can't be darn right hard.

As I've mentioned before Ava is a very determined little lady. She knows what she wants and if she doesn't want to do it, well, she won't! As her mummy and the person who spends the most time with her, now and again she likes to play me up. Let's take tonight for example, I needed a few bits from Morrisons for our dinner, literally 5 items, no point in grabbing a trolley, I was only going to be in and out plus I never have any change on me! It was an EPIC fail! So much so that I've vowed never to go shopping with Ava ever again, well until next week at least.

She was running away for me and got so worked up at the till she was sick all over her new Zara coat. I felt like crying myself, it was awful. You know when you can almost feel other people's eyes burning the back of your head?! So embarrassing. At home it wasn't much better, with Nath working until 8 I had to get the tea together as well as entertaining Ava who had by now started her evening whingey chorus and wouldn't let me out of her sight.

Bedtime was a battle and she only calmed down when I offered her some milk. She wanted to go upstairs so we went, not into her room but to mine, where she wanted to get into my bed. She had some milk and snuggled right down next to me, turned to me said "hiya" and started stroking my face. Suddenly all the evenings events didn't seem so bad after all.

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