Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Ordinary Moments #1

Yesterday was Ava's second bonfire night but unlike last year we didn't take her to our town's annual firework display. It was wet & windy and these things never start on time! Last year Ava had fallen asleep by the time it had begun, it rained and we ended up sitting in a little pub.

This year I bought us some sparklers, treats and made a nice dinner. We could actually see the firework display from our bedroom window which was fab! We then took Ava into the garden to show her sparklers for the first time, she wasn't so sure at first but ended up really liking them.

Although we stayed in, we had a great time. It was lovely to spend quality time, just the three of us. These moments, although ordinary, make me so happy. And although they drive me crazy at times, I feel so lucky to have these two.
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