Sunday, 8 December 2013

Toddler steps

Some days I look at Ava and think, "wow, you have grown so much!" Yesterday was one of those days.
I was pottering around in the kitchen while she was eating her lunch of soup and bread & butter. She'd dip her bread ever so carefully into the soup and ate it so well with the spoon. She looked so grown up!

When I was pregnant I had an app on my phone that would tell me at what stage of my pregnancy I was at and how developed my baby was. I loved this app so much and would check it religiously, it would fascinate me and leave me day dreaming about my little baby. Then when Ava was born I would read the Bounty books every month to see if she was meeting her milestones and would sometimes skip ahead to see what she would be doing next month. I anticipated each stage, the first roll, first smile, first laugh and first step.

Now that she is almost two we have other stages to consider, potty training, moving her into a toddler bed, moving from bottles and beakers to cups and mugs... I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do all of these things because there are no books for me to follow anymore and to be honest I feel a little lost!

We're going to slowly introduce potty training after Christmas but I know that Nath is reluctant  for  Ava to go into a toddler bed. She is just so little and he said that he doesn't want her to grow up too fast. I suppose there is no real hurry for this as she has not yet out grown her cot.

Do you have any advice about any of the above? At what age did you or do you plan to introduce these toddler steps?

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