Friday, 31 January 2014

Goodbye January

I'm glad to see the back of January, it's been cold and wet and it also means we're one step closer to the Spring (yay!)

Looking back on January we've spent the majority of time indoors cooking up my mum's lovely meatballs or The Londoner's 100 cal Brownies. I've kicked my butt into gear and have been sharing my fitness updates with you all. I've taken part in the Love the Little Things linky and the Living Arrows linky.

I've asked myself what makes a good parent, have shared our favourite rainy day activities, our perfect day at Center Parcs and plans for my hen do. Ava also turned 22 months in January, we were lucky enough to review some tasty toddler snacks, took part in Braun's His & Her's campaign and reviewed some personalised Valentines day gifts.

I'm anticipating some more bad weather in February so I've started to look at messy play ideas and there will definitely be some baking as it's Nath's birthday at the end of the month. There will of course be more wedding planning and I'll also be planning Ava's 2nd birthday, she'll be 2 in March! I'm also planning a few more "Ava wears..." posts, maybe even some "Mummy wears" posts?

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from January

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Getting Personal review

When you've been for someone for a while it can be difficult to find gifts for special occasions, and there are SO many! Christmas, birthdays. anniversaries and the upcoming Valentines day.

I always like to get Nathan something a little different so when I was contacted by Getting Personal and asked if we would like to review some of their Valentines day gifts, I jumped at the chance.

As we are both big pizza fans I chose the crunchy munchy chocoholics pizza (RRP £9.99) as I thought it was something a little bit different. It arrived in a cardboard takeaway box and contained thick Belgian chocolate topped with white chocolate curls, brownie biscuit pieces and fudge squares. I'm a huge brownie and fudge lover so I was eager to give this "pizza" a try. I was slightly disappointed with the brownie's biscuity texture as in my books a brownie should be soft and squidgy, however I loved the fudge!

Nathan received an Ipad for Christmas and I know that he wanted a cover for it so the Photo Upload Ipad Cover (RRP £34.99) seemed like the perfect choice.  I must admit I was pretty apprehensive about the quality having only ever used Moonpig or Photobox for my photographic needs. I needn't have worried. I was incredibly impressed with the Ipad cover, as was Nathan. I'd chosen a photo of him and Ava that I'd taken at Winter Wonderland back in November and it looked brilliant. The case itself was easy to fit on and extremely hard wearing. The cover even has a velcro patch that enables you to use it as a stand for you Ipad. Super handy! We were also sent a sweet personalised card that really completed the parcel, I love personalised cards and theirs start from 99p! A bargain!

If you're looking for something a little different this Valentines day that is guaranteed to raise a smile you must check out Getting Personal

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Baby Bakes- The Londoner's 100 cal chocofudge brownies

I've been resisting the urge to bake in January due to my new fitness plan but after browsing The Londoner's recipe archive and stumbling across her recipe for 100 cal chocofudge brownies they sounded too good to pass up!

Ava loved making these and they were ridiculously simple!


180g Low fat yogurt
60ml semi-skimmed milk (we used almond milk)
64g cocoa powder
43g wholegrain rolled oats
64g Truvia (or any other stevia based sweetner)
1 free range egg
1tsp baking powder
pinch of salt

(Rosie adds 150g of chopped pecan nuts but I left them out as Ava would be eating them)


Preheat your oven to 200c, grease a small baking tray.
Pop all of your ingredients (apart from the nuts if you're using them) into a blender, when it's smooth tip into the tray (scatter the nuts on if you're using them) and bung into the oven for 20 minutes. When they're cool cut them up.

Voila. Lovely squishy browines without the guilt.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Healthy snacks for toddlers

I don't know about you but I often find healthy snacks for my toddler hard to come by. When I'm out with Ava I don't like to constantly buy her chocolate or crisps and although she often asks for an apple or a "narna" these aren't the most practical of things to carry in your handbag.

However I think I have found a great alternative in the form of Annabel Karmel's Disney snacks. If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I'm a big fan of Annabel's and I used her weaning recipe book like a bible when Ava was younger. Annabel has recently signed up to be the face of the Co-operative's baby & toddler range where her range of organic baby purees and Disney snacks will be available nationwide. As a fan of Annabel's this comes as great news to me and means that I'll easily be able to pick up some snacks for Ava when I'm doing the weekly shop.

Ava was sent the Disney Fruit Apple Crisps*  and the Disney Chicken Rice and Corn Snacks* to try.

The Apple Fruit Crisps are simply 100% freeze dried sliced apple in a handy bag. Perfect towards your toddlers five a day when you're out and about.

Ava seemed a little confused when I asked her if she wanted some apple and I put the bowl of fruit crisps in front of her. She enjoyed the sweet taste but I think she may have found the apple a little sharp as she didn't finish the whole pack.

The Chicken Rice and Corn snacks however were a huge hit. After a quick bite myself I found that they were bursting with flavour and reminded me of Walkers Roast Chicken crisps. They were light and crunchy, I could have easily eaten a whole bag! Ava loved them too and munched her way through a pack. Ava also loved seeing Mickey on the packets,  which I think is a great touch.

The above snacks are suitable from 12 months and contain no added colours, flavours or preservatives. They are now available in Co-operative stores nationwide.

*The above Annabel Karmel Disney snacks were sent to us free of change for purpose of review. Thoughts are 100% my own

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rainy Day activities

With the weather being so wet and horrible at the moment I often struggle for things to do with Ava as she's at the age where she wants to be entertained. I often look to other blogs to see what they get up to and thought I'd put together a list of our favourite rainy day activities.

1. Bake

If you're a regular follower you'll know that I love to bake with Ava and a few months ago I put together the Baby Bakes series. I haven't done a Baby Bakes post since December (a guest post on My Two Mums which you can see here) but I'll be taking it up again in February as it's Nath's birthday and we'll definitely be baking him a cake. I think it's such a fun activity for toddlers as they get to explore different textures, plus you get to eat tasty treats afterwards!

2. Make crayons

I saw this idea over on Love Taza's blog. It's not something I've tried yet but I think it's a fab idea and will definitely be giving it a go. Collect all of your little ones broken crayons, arrange them into shaped silicone moulds and bake at 250 degrees for 25 minutes until the crayons have melted and you have brand new multicoloured ones.

3. Dvd day

Sometimes it's nice to simply chill out and Ava is old enough to sit through a film now. A few weeks ago we enjoyed Monsters Inc together whilst munching on some left over Christmas chocolates (don't worry, we didn't scoff the lot!) I find it effective just before nap time to calm Ava down a bit.

4. Playdoh

Ava loves Playdoh and every now and then we'll get it out along with all of her "tools" and play with it for ages. She loves squishing it all back into the pots for some reason.

5. Have a teaparty

One of the things I love the most about having a toddler is that I can embrace my inner child! As it's not yet sunny enough to have a teaparty or picnic outside why not have them indoors? Ava and I have had a lot of fun doing this!

6. Go swimming

If you feel the need to get out of the house I always find swimming is a great option, plus it tires them out!

7. Soft play

I also find soft play is a great place to go when it's awful outside. Ava loves it and she usually takes a nap afterwards. Win win!

8. Cinema

Our local Odeon does a kids screening every weekend for a mere £2.50. On Saturday I took Ava for the first time to see Monsters University and although I was quite dubious at first she loved it!

9. Library

We also love our local library and Ava enjoys picking out books to read at home

10. Build a den

Where you can hold a teaparty, read your library books or have a dvd day!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fitness update month #1

In December I pledged to start the New Year by turning over a new leaf. I want to become fit and healthy and told you guys I would be updating you on my progress.

Well we are well into January now and I've found that the first month is definitely the hardest. I've been going to the gym three times a week, I even went for my first ever run on Saturday and I'm feeling a lot better for it. I'm feeling a lot less tired and actually look forward to going to the gym and I'm enjoying pushing myself.

I've cut out bread and pasta and rarely eat it nowadays It leaves me feeling so awful and sluggish that it hasn't been as hard as I first thought. I've also started to replace my usual milk with almond milk which I really love. Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to cut out tea too as that tends to bloat me. I've been enjoying green smoothies and often take one to work, they curb my sugar cravings before lunch and fill me up- in a good way. I'm also loving Nakd bars (especially the Cocoa Orange ones) and have been keeping one in my handbag to keep me away from the dreaded vending machines in work!

My favourite green smoothie is:
1 banana
1 kiwi
1 avocado
handful of spinach
100ml almond milk.

I've been enjoying the gym lately but am in dire need of some new gym clothes! I've found it incredibly frustrating that I haven't yet seen a change. I know they say it takes 8 weeks for you to notice a change and I'm probably being too hard on myself but there have been days when I've felt like giving up. To keep myself motivated I keep thinking about my hen do in Barcelona and picturing how I want to look in my bikini. I follow fitness inspiration accounts on Instagram which are a great motivator in the gym and I listen to upbeat Summery dance music while I'm working out to get me into the right frame of mind.

It's tough but I allow myself a cheat day once a week, usually a Sunday which is something I really look forward to all week, especially if it's a Nandos! And after a work out in the gym there's nothing better that to have aching muscles the next day. It tells me I've really pushed myself! I'm SO determined to have the body I want by June!

If you have any tips to share with me let me know!

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

22 months

I just cannot get over the fact that this babe will be 2 in just two short months. Why does time go by so quickly?! It's madness. On the plus side I'm loving this age - bar the tantrums. As a girly girl myself I love having a little girl to dress up and take on girly days or have tea parties with.

We can have conversations with each other now and she is just so in tune with everything. She knows exactly what you means and has developed selective hearing which is handy...

I can't wait for the weather to improve so that we can explore the outdoors together. I have big plans for us this Summer and that involves a lot of picnics. I'm so excited!

I had a little bit of a realisation tonight as Ava and I were snuggled in my bed as she wouldn't go to sleep which I secretly love as sleepy cuddles are the best. She turned to me, stroked my face and said "aww love you" something that she's only been saying for a few days. My heart literally melted but I also felt sad. Before I know it my little girl will be all grown up and won't need me as much and I've realised that I need to cherish every single second I get with her, even the difficult times because it won't come back. Tonight was definitely a moment I'll treasure.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Love the Little things #3

I actually bought 2 magazines this week. Two! I know, crazy! And I managed to read them both. One was Gurgle parenting magazine which I really enjoyed and the other was a foodie magazine, why are foodie magazines so expensive?! I got the cheapest one which was obviously the crappiest one as it gave me no recipe inspiration at all! If anyone knows any good foodie magazines or blogs I'm all ears.

I took Ava to the cinema for the first time today to see Monster's University. Odeon do a kids screening every weekend for £2.50 and as I was searching for something a little different to do I thought, why not? She was slightly restless after 10 minutes but soon got into it and was shouting "oh no!" and laughing hysterically in all the right places. We saw it through until the end, a bonus!

Nothing out of the ordinary this week apart from some of Nathan's clothes...I'll explain. Tonight I decided to go on my first EVER run as part of my fitness journey. As it was raining I pinched Nath's waterproof jacket, oh and some of his trainer socks. And then quickly realised how much I need a new wardrobe.

I really really like this. It just makes me think of the Summer...

I'm soooo itching to make a cake right now. I miss my Baby Bakes series but I've been so good with my eating(ish) I'm trying to keep it up. Baby Bakes will be back next month though as It's Nath's birthday towards the end of Feb and Ava's in March. Hoorah cake! So no I haven't made anything this week. Even though I've REALLY wanted to. So I definitely deserve some inches off my muffin top for that no?

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Hen Party

I don't know about you but when Christmas is over and done with I'm itching for the warmer weather to begin. I'm a real Summer baby and I think living in the South of France for most of my childhood has something to do with this. January is the worst month out of the lot but this year I have so much to look forward to! In August the year I'm getting married followed by our Honeymoon to Crete but before all that I have my hen do in June.

I wanted to do something a little different and take the opportunity to go on a girlie trip with a group of my closest friends. After a lot of planning and changing my mind about the location I've now settled on Barcelona. It's somewhere I've never been to and I've heard great things!We're going with the company Gohen who have arranged our transfers, accommodation and activities. There are 15 of us in total and we are going for 4 days and 3 nights, staying in 4 star apartments in the heart of the city. I've been in the gym at least three times a week in an attempt to buff up my body for this trip. We have a fun packed trip planned including, a booze cruise and some go-karting so that should be interesting!

I think that my friends are planning on supplying the garish tiara, willy straws and sash. A must for any bride to be! I've already been online to see what Spring/ Summer stock is on offer and I already have my beady eye on some items that will be making their way into my suitcase!

If you've ever been to Barcelona let me know, I'd love to hear about some fab little places to eat or places to shop.

Are you going away this Summer?

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Braun His & Hers Campaign*

When I began blogging just over a year ago I knew nothing about reviews, events or sponsored posts. I still see myself as a novice and always feel a huge sense of gratitude and I think "I am not worthy" when contacted by PR's asking me to review lovely things or attend fab events.

Before Christmas I was invited to the Braun SkinSpa "Mummy Me Time" event. Unfortunately living in the Shropshire countryside is pretty limiting and as it was in London I was sadly unable to attend. However Nath and I were kindly sent two big boxes of goodies to take part in the Braun His & Hers challenge at home instead.

It was like Christmas had come early! We were both sent a dressing gown each, I was sent the Braun SkinSpa Silk Epil 7 to review along with an Oral B electric toothbrush, Wella hair mask and some Max Factor makeup. Nath received the Braun Cool Tec shaver to review along with a washbag and some Nioxin hair treatment..

The SkinSpa Silk Epil 7 retails at £169.99 and comes with a detachable exfoliation head. What I liked the most about this epilator is that it can be used wet or dry and can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm! The epilator comes with a number of different "heads" including ones for facial hair and sensitive areas.

I also liked the light feature which helps you see the hairs that you are exfoliating. I tried the epilator both wet and dry. I have to say I preferred it dry as it seemed to be more effective,

I must admit Nathan is more of a beard kinda guy although he did give the shaver a whirl. He enjoyed the cooling effect as it prevented the "sting" and he also said it was a lot more effective than his usual trimmer.

He said it gave an amazing close shave and he loved the fact he could use it in the shower which he preferred to his usual dry shave as he found it gave him an even smoother finish. The shaver retails at £200.

All in all we were extremely happy with the results of both the epilator and the shaver. I know that the epilator will be my best friend come the Summer!

*Both items were sent to us free of charge for review purposes but thoughts are 100% my own


Monday, 13 January 2014

What makes a good parent?

This is a question I often ask myself. I remember the early days of motherhood well, the ones where I barely got off the phone to the midwife ward, constantly checking that what I was doing with my daughter was ok, constantly ringing my mum for advice and reassurance!

I still have days like that. Most days I question my abilities as a mother and lately I've been questioning myself more than usual.

We seem to have hit the terrible twos 2 months early in our house and at the moment it seems to be a case of "a tantrum a day..." which is exhausting as you can imagine. Ava also seems to have developed selective hearing which is also a delight, especially as the only words she will respond to are either "chocolate" or "peppa" which doesn't bode well really. Life is pretty stressful at the moment with work woes and wedding stress, add to that a tantruming toddler and you have a very frazzled mummy!

I often leave for work on the verge of tears having told Ava off for tantrumming because I've turned Curious George off or because she wouldn't let me put her trousers on. I then hate myself for the rest of the day and that wretched mummy guilt descends on me like a giant black cloud. I also have giant guilt trips if I stay in the house with her all day and do housework rather than take her off somewhere exciting or type out a blog post in the morning while I let tele-sitter amuse her for a little while.

Then I feel guilty for not cherishing every single second with my screaming child because they just grown up so quickly! Motherhood is such a complex affair!

But then when I really think about it I realise that my daughter is a very lucky girl indeed. She's surrounded by love. And it doesn't matter if sometimes I put her tshirt on back to front or shout. Because she's the apple of my eye and I do anything for that cheeky face. And that's all that matters really.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Love the little things #2

Last week I linked up with but why mummy why "Love the Little Things" linky. Sharing some things we'd been up to. Here is the second installment.

Read: As I mentioned last week I rarely sit down with a book anymore so I just read my ever growing Bloglovin' feed. This week I've really enjoyed reading Katie's (who blogs at Mummy Daddy Me) love story. She'd written it over a few chapters and I must say it was gripping stuff! It was so well written and I must admit I shed a little tear. Katie has such a beautiful blog and always takes the most gorgeous photos of her daughters. It's always a joy to read.

Watched: Ok I confess, I've started to watch CBB! I'm sorry but it's super juicy this year, although there are a few "celebs" in there who I don't recognise. We also watched Monster's Inc which I mentioned that I'd bought for a bargain of £5 last week. I wasn't sure if Ava would like it but she LOVED it! It's the first time she's sat through a film without demanding Peppa half way through. Result! We didn't eat ALL those snacks by the way...

Wore:  These shoes are the only thing I bought in the sale. All of my black heels are years old and these were reduced from £45 to £22.50, would have been rude not to right? I'm heading out for my friend's birthday tonight so they'll be getting their first outing.

Heard: This just makes me want to do a little dance, Ava's been dancing to it too!

Made: On Tuesday night we got Ava's playdoh out. She was so excited and demanded that I make a dog and an owl for her!

And lastly: I had a bit of rubbish end of my week with work woes, wedding stress and a lack of sleep. I'm hoping next week is a bit better. I definitely feel like I need a few cocktails tonight!!

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Living Arrows 1/52

Living Arrows is a new link set up by the ladies behind I Heart Snapping.

Every week I'll be sharing a snapshot of parenthood.

I'm noticing such a change in Ava lately. No longer a baby, not yet a little girl. She's in the inbetween stage. The one where you can't yet reason with them but she still does that really sweet babbling and loves to be cuddled. She's such a funny little thing and often has me laughing.  I can't believe that in March she will be two! It's so crazy.

living arrows

My mum's "not Italian but still super tasty" meatballs

I don't think you can beat a personalised gift. It shows that so much thought and love has gone in to something, and for Christmas my mum got me a great one!

A recipe book handwritten with some of her favourite recipes with room to write my own. Something that I'll pass on to Ava when she's older. (Please excuse the awful photos, my kitchen is so dark and really not blog friendly!)

I wanted to share one of the recipes with you, my mum's amazing meatballs, it's something I remember my mum making for my brothers and I as a child and we used to love them, it's Nathan's favourite dish when we go to visit them aswell. It's so tasty and super easy to make!

For the meatballs:

250g lean mince beef
1 onion
1 garlic clove
2 slices bread

For the sauce:

1 tin of tomatoes
1 tbsp ketchup
2 glugs of worcester sauce
2 tsps tomato purée
pinch of sugar
1 glug olive oil
1 tbsp flour


1-Make your breadcrumbs first by putting them into a food processor and setting to one side.

2- Place your onion and garlic into your food processor and blend until finely chopped, add the mince and blend together.

3-Empty into a bowl and tip in the breadcrumbs

4-Form the meat into small balls and place on a baking tray. Roast in the oven for about half an hour.

5- Mix all of the sauce ingredients in the food processor and put into a saucepan.

6- Once the meatballs are cooked add them to the sauce and bring to the boil.

Serve with pasta & parmesan

The meatballs can also be frozen before roasting if you have made too many.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Our perfect day at Center Parcs

When the latest advert for Center Parcs popped onto my TV screen last month I couldn't help but be glued to it. It's somewhere I have wanted to go since I was a child and seeing the different activities and the families having so much fun together didn't fail to make me smile. Spending time with Nathan and Ava is my favourite thing to do and where better to spend some quality time together than somewhere where we could make some amazing memories and have fun at the same time?!

It got me thinking about what we would do if we ever got the chance to go. Ava is almost 2 and I didn't realise how much there would be for her to do at Center Parcs. I love the video of Harrison and Eve (and their mummy & daddy) as it highlighted some fab activities available for little ones (and made me want to go even more!)

 Here is my perfect Center Parcs day with my family.

After a hearty breakfast, probably in the Pancake house (most important meal of the day and all that), we'd grab a couple of bikes, one of them would have a cute little carriage on the back for her majesty (Ava), our transport for the day.

We'd head over for a morning swim as I know Ava would love it and I'm not going to lie, that slide keeps popping up in every advert and I'm desperate to try it! What can I say I'm a big kid at heart. We'd more than likely centre the whole trip around Ava, and after having a look on their website they offer so much for under three's. I was impressed! We'd head over for some messy play and I love the idea of making some pottery with Ava and letting her paint it! Maybe we'd make a wonky teapot together...

 After a bit of lunch rustled up in our cabin I'd sneak off for a massage, all the pottery making is hard graft you know, and Nathan and Ava would hope on the bike (the one with the cute little carriage) and explore the treasure trail. Ava loves the outdoors and this would be perfect for her.

After my pamper we'd head to the teddy bear's picnic and if we have time we'd watch the children's entertainer which Ava is sure to love. I'm sure in between this Nathan would like to go off and explore on his own, probably by grabbing a quad bike and hurtling around!

After a freshen up in the cabin we'd grab some dinner at one of their many restaurants, after looking on their website I'm so impressed with the choice! I had no idea there were so many! We'd then head to one of the evening shows.

Center Parcs would be the perfect staycation for my family and I. So much to do in one place, I know that we'd leave there having made some amazing memories and with huge smiles on our faces!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fitness update

So if you're a regular reader you'll know that last year (wow that's weird to type!) I pledged to go on a fitness journey, ready for my wedding in August.

To look good in this Victoria's Secret bikini for my Hen do in Barcelona and my Honeymoon in Greece is my goal.

As it's the new year I thought I'd let you know how I was getting on. Well Father Christmas bought me the new gym trainers I'd asked for and on Thursday I took them for their first spin in the gym. I was only in there for half an hour though as I'd had such a break I didn't want to go in guns blazing on my first day back. On Friday I made my first green smoothie. It didn't really go as planned as we don't have a juicer so I had to put it all into the food processor then purée it with my hand blender which was a bit of a pain! It was still too thick but I think it's due to the "hard" ingredients I used.

1 celery stick
2 gala apples
Handful of spinach
Handful of kale
1/4 cucumber
Glass of water

I've also cut out bread and pasta as due to my IBS these bloat me like crazy. I've been eating as healthily as I can but it's so hard when there is still lots of Christmas chocolates in the house which I keep picking at! Nightmare!

Yesterday afternoon I spent 1 hour in the gym. I worked my butt off and I was really proud of myself. I made a super healthy meal for dinner, chicken grilled on the George Foreman, sweet potato fries, steamed spinach and broccoli and roasted kale! It felt so nice to eat something clean and healthy!

I think my next step is to invest in some new gym clothes as at the moment I have 2 tops and three pairs of bottoms!!

Have you decided to take up fitness as a New Years resolution?

You can keep up with my progress on Instagram.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Love the little things #1

At the beginning of last year I started a Weekly Round-up where I would list what we'd been up to, what we'd eaten, watched etc. I stopped it after a while but had though about starting something similar this year, then I saw that Morgana who writes but why mummy why was starting up this little linky, so I thought I'd take part.

I used to love reading books but now, honestly, I don't have the time. In my spare time I'm either cleaning, playing with Ava, blogging or wedding planning. I read a lot of blogs though which I guess counts. This week I've mostly been reading Charl's blog, Write Like No one's Watching. It's one of my absolute favourites, she writes from the heart and her blog is just perfection. If you haven't read it yet, it's a must!

We have SO much Homeland to catch up on it's ridiculous but at the moment I'm enjoying watching films again. Preferably ones where I don't have to engage my brain like Bridesmaids or Ted. I'm also starting to enjoy watching films with Ava, a great excuse for me to revisit my childhood. Today I found Monsters Inc on sale in Tesco for £5. I was so chuffed and can't wait to watch it with Ava tomorrow.

I've not bought any new clothes this week but I have some vouchers to spend and have my eye on some new heels. My wardrobe is in desperate need of a revamp! I suppose I've mostly been wearing my black Zara bobble hat this week due to this awful weather! Oh and I actually wore my new trainers to the gym last night. Hopefully that'll be the first of many trips...maybe.

Nathan bought me the Radio 1's Live Lounge album for Christmas and I'm obsessed with this cover of Duke Dumont's Need U (100%) by Disclosure and Sam Smith. I love Sam Smith's voice and can't wait to hear more from him this year.

Last night I made my mum's amazing meatball which I will post the recipe to soon. If you're a regular reader you may have read "my fitness journey post". Well today I made my first green smoothie. It was a bit too thick for my liking but that's just due to us not having a proper juicer! It actually tasted quite nice, a nice change from all the chocolate and Christmas cake.

And lastly...
Nath and I aren't huge fans of NYE (I know, boring Bertha's over here) so on New Year's day we went out for a lovely meal together, Ava in tow, naturally, to Hickory's in Chester, somewhere I've been longing to visit! It was amazing! I had BBQ pulled pork for lunch and shared some waffles with Nath. Oh and I didn't feel guilty one bit.


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