Saturday, 11 January 2014

Love the little things #2

Last week I linked up with but why mummy why "Love the Little Things" linky. Sharing some things we'd been up to. Here is the second installment.

Read: As I mentioned last week I rarely sit down with a book anymore so I just read my ever growing Bloglovin' feed. This week I've really enjoyed reading Katie's (who blogs at Mummy Daddy Me) love story. She'd written it over a few chapters and I must say it was gripping stuff! It was so well written and I must admit I shed a little tear. Katie has such a beautiful blog and always takes the most gorgeous photos of her daughters. It's always a joy to read.

Watched: Ok I confess, I've started to watch CBB! I'm sorry but it's super juicy this year, although there are a few "celebs" in there who I don't recognise. We also watched Monster's Inc which I mentioned that I'd bought for a bargain of £5 last week. I wasn't sure if Ava would like it but she LOVED it! It's the first time she's sat through a film without demanding Peppa half way through. Result! We didn't eat ALL those snacks by the way...

Wore:  These shoes are the only thing I bought in the sale. All of my black heels are years old and these were reduced from £45 to £22.50, would have been rude not to right? I'm heading out for my friend's birthday tonight so they'll be getting their first outing.

Heard: This just makes me want to do a little dance, Ava's been dancing to it too!

Made: On Tuesday night we got Ava's playdoh out. She was so excited and demanded that I make a dog and an owl for her!

And lastly: I had a bit of rubbish end of my week with work woes, wedding stress and a lack of sleep. I'm hoping next week is a bit better. I definitely feel like I need a few cocktails tonight!!

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