Saturday, 18 January 2014

Love the Little things #3

I actually bought 2 magazines this week. Two! I know, crazy! And I managed to read them both. One was Gurgle parenting magazine which I really enjoyed and the other was a foodie magazine, why are foodie magazines so expensive?! I got the cheapest one which was obviously the crappiest one as it gave me no recipe inspiration at all! If anyone knows any good foodie magazines or blogs I'm all ears.

I took Ava to the cinema for the first time today to see Monster's University. Odeon do a kids screening every weekend for £2.50 and as I was searching for something a little different to do I thought, why not? She was slightly restless after 10 minutes but soon got into it and was shouting "oh no!" and laughing hysterically in all the right places. We saw it through until the end, a bonus!

Nothing out of the ordinary this week apart from some of Nathan's clothes...I'll explain. Tonight I decided to go on my first EVER run as part of my fitness journey. As it was raining I pinched Nath's waterproof jacket, oh and some of his trainer socks. And then quickly realised how much I need a new wardrobe.

I really really like this. It just makes me think of the Summer...

I'm soooo itching to make a cake right now. I miss my Baby Bakes series but I've been so good with my eating(ish) I'm trying to keep it up. Baby Bakes will be back next month though as It's Nath's birthday towards the end of Feb and Ava's in March. Hoorah cake! So no I haven't made anything this week. Even though I've REALLY wanted to. So I definitely deserve some inches off my muffin top for that no?

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