Sunday, 16 February 2014

23 months

This post is actually a few days late- sorry Ava. I can't believe that in a few short weeks my little girl will be turning 2! Crazy. At the moment preparations are underway for her 2nd birthday which is going to be Peppa Pig themed. This is the last monthly update I'm going to do. I will obviously keep you updated about Ava, this blog is about her after all, but they won't be as frequent.

I cannot believe how well your speech is coming on lately Ava! In the last week or so you have really blossomed. You are constantly making me laugh with the funny little things you say! Just the other night as we were lying in mummy & daddy's bed having a cuddle before bedtime you were looking at me and pointing to the different parts of my face. "Nose, eyes, mouth...beard!" I like to think it's because daddy has a beard and not because you think I have a 5 o'clock shadow. You funny thing!

Unfortunately you've become quite fussy with your food, you still have a huge sweet tooth, I think you get that from me I'm afraid, but have become a bit silly with your main meals. Although you have been asking for fruit a lot lately which I'm really pleased about.

We've decided to leave the potty training until the weather gets a little better. You're not really showing any "signs" yet and still say no when I ask you if you have a dirty nappy, even if you have.

Same with putting you into a toddler bed. You're happy in there and it's a cotbed so you haven't outgrown it yet.

I know I say this all the time but I can't believe you're going to be two soon. These last two years have flown by. You've bought us so much joy! I'm so proud to be your mummy.

All my love, mummy xxx

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