Friday, 21 March 2014

Fitness update month #2

They say it takes 4 weeks for you to start noticing your body changing, 8 weeks for your nearest & dearest and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

February was the second month of my fitness journey and I finally started to notice some changes. I felt a lot stronger in the gym and have really noticed most of my size 10 clothes feeling loose lately.

I've lost the bingo wings that used to plague my arms and my stomach is looking flatter and a lot more defined. I found January super tough, I wanted to see results straight away and was really unhappy with my body, I honestly didn't think it would happen and spent a long time scrutinising my lumps and bumps. I still have a long way to go but finally starting to see some results after all of the hard work I've put in make me feel so proud.

The toughest part for me has definitely been trying to keep on top of my diet. I'm a complete sucker for anything sweet and I've really had to rein it in. It's been so hard, especially with Nath bringing home biscuits in every weekly shop. I've caved a few times, especially when I've been tired and have just needed a sugar kick but I've surprised myself. I'm choosing the healthy option nowadays and go for much smaller portions with everything. I'm finding myself not craving sugar that much and have managed to say no to the cake trolley in work on more than one occasion, I know, we have a cake trolley in work! How cruel is that?!

I've been enjoying watching fitness videos on Youtube to give me some inspiration in the gym and I've really impressed myself with my tenacity, I'm a lot more determined than I thought, I'll really push myself to get through the last couple of reps! I was really hoping March was going to be the month that I kicked it up a notch but due to monthly circumstances out of my control....I've been feeling hideously bloated and in pain these last couple of days and although I've wanted to go to the gym I've not felt physically able to.

I'm hoping that by next Monday I'll be back to it and really kicking it up a notch. I'm hoping to see enough changes to share a before and after photo with you at some point, I never weigh myself but when I weighed myself at my mums I noticed I've lost 6lbs since Christmas.

I'm slowly getting there!

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