Sunday, 30 March 2014

I got it from my mama

I can't believe it's my third Mother's Day this year! It seems crazy, Ava was just over 2 weeks old for my first Mother's Day and it was such a special time. Now that she's two I often look and her and wonder what things will she take from me, she already has my blonde hair but will she take on my love of cooking or prefer her dad's love of Motocross bikes?

In a way of celebrating my own wonderful mum I wanted to share a few things that she's passed on to me:

My love of cooking:

This is a passion we both share and I hope it's something I can pass down to Ava. One of the best things I've ever received was a recipe book from her, handwritten with some of her favourite, homemade delights.

My love of reading & writing:

When I was younger I used to love writing "stories" and reading them to my mum. I'm sure she's actually kept my book of scribbles, which are now incredibly cringey to look at. She's so proud of me for starting this blog as she knows how much I enjoy writing. We're both keen book worms and she's always telling me she's written a list of all the books I "must read". I don't find the time to read as much as I used to but Ava and I love to read together and she gets so excited when I tell her we're going to the library so I hope it's something I've passed on to her.

My love of fashion:

I'm definitely not a fashion maven and I don't keep up with what's going to be "in" next season but I don't think my dress sense is terrible and I think I can put an outfit together. My mum always looks great. She definitely dresses age appropriately, not like mutton but not an absolute frump either. She always looks stunning and we love to talk about clothes together. If I'm wearing something that doesn't look quite right she'll tell me and vice versa. Although it's only now that she tells me how much she hated my awkward goth phase. Bless her.

My clicky knees:

Self-explanatory really but both mine and my mum's knees crack like crazy when we kneel down. It doesn't hurt it just sounds awful! If she gets arthritis in a few years I'll know that I'm doomed to follow in her footsteps.

My sparkling personality:

I'm joking, but I do think my mum and I share the same sense of humor, we ring each other every day (sometimes more than once) and I know exactly if my mum is feeling a bit down and needs cheering up and I know how to make her laugh. Although she's been through so much you'll always find my mum with a smile on her face. If you didn't know what had happened to us, you would never know. She is such a wonderful lady.

My genes:

I'm hoping that I will also get this from my mama! She's 50, unbelievable! Please can I look like her when I'm 50?! She's always been slim and I always feel so proud of her. She dresses incredibly well and always looks beautiful. I really hope that this is something I'll inherit!

So there you have it, that is all I could think of off the top of my head and I'm sure she'll be on the phone later saying "you forgot about this". As my mum lives in Milton Keynes and I live over two hours away I'm sad that I can't be with her on Mother's day. But I'll be thinking about her all day. Thinking about how truly blessed I am to have a mother who is also one of my best friends.

I love you mum, you're one in a million!

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