Sunday, 23 March 2014

The BIB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards

Thank you to those of you who nominated A Rush of Love for a MAD (Mummy and Daddy) blog award. Sadly we didn't make the final cut but I honestly didn't expect to and just being nominated was a huge boost so thank you for that. Some of my favorite blogs have made it to the final in their respective categories and I'm so excited for them. So well deserved.

However, the Brilliance in Blogging nominations have just opened and we'd love to get your vote in  the "Fresh Voice" category  as I feel this is the categories that A Rush of Love fits into the best.

Here are some of my nominations that you may want to consider yourself:

Writer-  Write Like No One's Watching

Photo- Mummy Daddy Me

Laugh- More Than Toast

Health- Lived With Love

Innovative- My Two Mums

Family- But Why Mummy Why

You can nominate A Rush of Love by clicking the badge below.


Thank you!!

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