Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wedding talk

I've realised that I haven't done a wedding update since November. I find these a little difficult to write as although I love to write about my wedding I don't want to share too much as I want it to be a surprise on the day.

I can't believe that it's almost the end of March! I'm preparing myself for the wedding planning to really take off at the end of April as that is when my dress should be ready for my first fitting and we are sending the invitations out around then too.

 Here is a little update:

The bridal outfit

You all know that I have my dress but I now also have my wedding shoes. My mum and I got them on an impromptu shopping trip. I'd been searching for a pair for ages but to be honest no wedding shoes were to my taste. I found them all so ugly and clumpy (and expensive!). My pair are from Carvela and while they're expensive, as they're not bridal, I know I'll wear them again. I'm completely in love with them, they're just what I was looking for.

The suits

Nath has changed his mind on his suit colour since last time and is currently still looking. The guys all went shopping a few months ago and tried on some shirts and suits but didn't come back with anything. On a separate shopping trip Nath and I spotted some suits that would be ideal so I think we're going to go with those. He just has to round up the troops now and go shopping!

Bridesmaid dresses

I'm happy to report that my girls have their dresses. They have ended up with the gorgeous, fitted, pink dress I mentioned last time. We just need to find their shoes now. We've bought Ava's little dress from Debenhams. It's so pretty, we've also bought the ribbon to go around the middle of her dress which matches the adult bridesmaids dresses. She's going to look adorable.


The theme is still the same, rustic with hints of light pink throughout the wedding. One of the main features running through the wedding with be hessian and lace which will feature heavily. We're having our invitations designed at the moment which is very exciting, I can't wait for our friends and family to receive them!


We've finally booked a band! Slightly more expensive than what we were hoping for but they're exactly what I wanted. I found them on the Alive Network and could listen to snippets of some of their songs which was great. I know they'll get everyone up and dancing. To me the music was a really important factor so I'm glad we've found a band we love!


I've also booked the florist to make the bouquets, button holes and Ava's flowers. We'll be using flowers from my auntie's garden to decorate the venue so I'm hoping that we start to have some nice weather! I need the flowers to grow.


My mum was going to bake the cake but as I want something different and quite specific we've decided to look for a cake maker instead. I'm not having much luck at the moment though which is frustrating so I'm hoping something crops up soon!

So there you have it. It's all about ironing over the fine details now that the big things are booked, which to be honest, is starting to get a little stressful! I'm so excited to get married though!

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