Friday, 25 April 2014

In Bloom

I've been fairly absent from my blog lately, I seemed to have lost my mojo and have been concentrating on my new YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

Last weekend was a crazy busy one, it felt as though I barely had time to sit down, it was great though and I got to see a lot of friends and my lovely mum. I have to say I am looking forward to a lazy weekend! I have a duvet day planned with Ava and only plan on moving to prepare a roast on Sunday!

I've been loving the warmer weather lately, Spring is one of my favourite times and I'm looking forward to getting out with my big camera and capturing some nice shots of Ava. I really want to do a lookbook of  the Summer outfits that she has so far but I haven't had the chance yet.

I'm hoping to start a weekly vlog from Monday. It'll be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it. I'm slightly worried that my life will come across as deathly dull though. What do you think? Would you like to see me do some weekly vlogs?

Below are some pictures from last weekend which I pulled from my Instagram account so I apologise if you've seen them already. I have been a terrible little blogger lately!


Monday, 21 April 2014

An Easter Vlog

I've been absent from my ol' blog for a while and truth is I hit a bit of  slump with it. I also wanted to start some vlogging.

After a few hiccups I've actually finished my first vlog! I filmed it yesterday as it was a very busy day full of Easter egg hunting and a night out for me with one of my best friends.

You'll have to excuse my moodiness in certain parts of the video, it's quite daunting talking into the camera and I felt a little nervous at first.

I'd love to know what you think and would love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Let me know if you'd like to see more vlogs.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Even though you sometimes embarrass me I still love you

Yesterday was one of those days with Ava. She was a little under the weather and seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything was wrong, nothing seemed to please her.

 Ava and I usually spend the day together on Saturdays as Nath works in the morning then plays football but yesterday was very testing. I wanted to buy a new laptop so we headed off to PC World. I can't believe I was so optimistic and thought that taking a 2 year old, who hates shopping, to a big boring shop full of computers and printers would be a good idea. It was one of the most stressful experiences I've had. Trying to chase after a toddler whilst trying to listen to the poor young guy who was trying to explain the different laptops to me. Not ideal. I had the dreaded feeling that everyone was looking at me and wondering why on earth I couldn't control my child. In hindsight I should have at least taken the reins, or shopped via the Internet! Nath must have sensed my stress on the phone as he came back armed with 2 small bottles of wine and a bar of chocolate.

Today has been a better day, the shine has shone which instantly lifts my mood. We had brunch out and Ava and I spent the afternoon feeding the ducks. When I'm feeling stressed out I just have to sit back and remind myself that these days aren't going to last forever. They'll go by in the blink of an eye and I'll be wishing them back.

And in any case, I'll take great pleasure in reminding her of these awkward days when she has children of her own.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Another baby

Before I start I just want to say that this isn't an announcement! Don't get all excited, I'm not pregnant, sorry.

However, now that Ava is two I've been thinking more about baby number two. I think that once your first child gets to a certain age you start getting the "So when are you having another one?" question. When Ava was a tiny tot just the thought of another baby would fill me with dread! In all honesty I would love love love another baby now, so many people I know are having babies or are pregnant and I'm so envious. But the truth is, it's just not the right time. We have our wedding in August followed by a honeymoon in September and we'd also, ideally, like to have a bigger house and a bit more money behind us the second time around.

Ava was our surprise baby and this time I think I would like things to be a little more planned. My first pregnancy was exciting but equally as terrifying. Those first few days as a new mum knocked me sideways, I never thought I'd get out of my pyjamas! I know that all pregnancies and babies are different but I'll know what to expect next time and hopefully won't be ringing my mum in the middle of the night asking for advice. I hope I'll be more patient, but more frazzled no doubt!

I'll realise just how fleeting those baby days are. I'll try to breastfeed again, like I did with Ava but won't beat myself up as much if I don't succeed past 3 weeks like I did before. The teething and sleepless nights I'm not looking forward to as much but that's all part & parcel I guess.

I'm excited for Ava to have a little brother or sister one day, I know she'd make a wonderful (very bossy) older sister.

All photographs are by our wonderful wedding photographer PbArtworks

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Friday, 4 April 2014

From cot to big girl bed

Now I didn't want to jump the gun with this one but after Ava's second night in her toddler bed I can finally say hurrah we did it! A successful transfer from cot to bed.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't apprehensive about the whole thing. After Ava was starting to come into our bed more often, and as much as I love the cuddles, it was time for me to regain control of bedtime (and my side of the bed).

We started making preparations for the big move. Stairgates were put in place, new bedding was bought along with a new pillow and a bed guard. I felt that one of the reasons Ava was waking at ridiculous o'clock was because she was kicking off her duvet and getting cold so after a bit of research I opted for the Gro to Bed bedding from The Gro Company. Although it was slightly pricey at £34.99 I figured that if it was going to guarantee me a decent night's sleep I was more than happy to pay for it.

We chose the Hetty design and it couldn't be easier to fix on to the bed. The fitted bottom sheet, pillowcase and zipable duvet cover all come as one meaning that your little one stays snug as a bug. I'm hoping that they bring out some more designs as there are only four to choose from at the moment and I would like to get Ava a spare one.

Unfortunately the bed guard doesn't fit. I bought it from Argos and it was only after Nath had taken the cot apart and tried to fit the blasted thing that we realised it wouldn't fit. It was only once I went back on to the Argos website and read the reviews did I see that it wasn't for cot or toddler beds. Nothing mentioned on the actual product info though so not very impressed. Her bed is very low and with the duvet being attached to the mattress I wasn't too worried about her falling out.

After refusing to get under the duvet at bedtime the first night, she gave in when I ignored her and carried on reading "The Tiger who came to tea". She soon settled down but then I was left with a bit of a conundrum. Did I sit in her room and wait for her to fall asleep or just leave her to it? I felt a bit harsh doing the latter seeing as it was her first night so I did a little test "Mummy's just going to the toilet." I said "Okay" came the reply (the bathroom is literally next to her bedroom so I could hear every murmur). She didn't make a sound, feeling a bit guilty I went back into her, she was still awake but hadn't made any attempt to get out of bed. I told her I was going to the bathroom again but went to sit in my room with a magazine. She was still quiet as a mouse and when I checked on her 5 minutes later she was fast asleep! I was seriously impressed! She slept all through and when I poked my head round the door in the morning she was still in her bed. Albeit on top of the covers but oh well.

We had similar success last night, although she's realised she can get out of bed and came to find me three times. She got back into bed happily though and slept through again. My mum thinks that after co-sleeping with us she's used to it and probably enjoys not feeling "caged" in.

I've probably completely jinxed myself now but nevermind. I would definitely recommend the Gro to Bed bedding, it's been fab and has really given me piece of mind. I bought Ava's from John Lewis.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Goodbye March

My word I can't believe March is over. It was such a whirlwind month for us, albeit a very exciting one with Ava turning two and her 2nd birthday party.

March was a busy time on the ol' blog. I did a bit of reminiscing, spoke about how important I think it is to make time for yourself when you're a mum.

We had the opportunity to review some fab products from Aleva, Wauwaa, My 1st Years, Cardooo and Harper Collins.

I also gave you guys an update with regards to my wedding and my fitness! I wrote about the BIBs (we'd love your vote in the Fresh Voice category), wrote a post for my mum on Mother's day and asked you guys whether I should start vlogging or not.

Well I can confirm that I have bought a vlogging camera and filmed my first bit of footage yesterday. It's a lot harder than I thought, particularly when you're having a bad hair day like I was! I'm going to try and cobble some more bits together and try and upload it to Youtube, which is in all honesty quite terrifying! If you know anyone who could help with my Youtube channel art that would be amazing!

April looks to be exciting with hopefully some lovely Spring days, Easter and more wedding fun!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from March:

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