Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Another baby

Before I start I just want to say that this isn't an announcement! Don't get all excited, I'm not pregnant, sorry.

However, now that Ava is two I've been thinking more about baby number two. I think that once your first child gets to a certain age you start getting the "So when are you having another one?" question. When Ava was a tiny tot just the thought of another baby would fill me with dread! In all honesty I would love love love another baby now, so many people I know are having babies or are pregnant and I'm so envious. But the truth is, it's just not the right time. We have our wedding in August followed by a honeymoon in September and we'd also, ideally, like to have a bigger house and a bit more money behind us the second time around.

Ava was our surprise baby and this time I think I would like things to be a little more planned. My first pregnancy was exciting but equally as terrifying. Those first few days as a new mum knocked me sideways, I never thought I'd get out of my pyjamas! I know that all pregnancies and babies are different but I'll know what to expect next time and hopefully won't be ringing my mum in the middle of the night asking for advice. I hope I'll be more patient, but more frazzled no doubt!

I'll realise just how fleeting those baby days are. I'll try to breastfeed again, like I did with Ava but won't beat myself up as much if I don't succeed past 3 weeks like I did before. The teething and sleepless nights I'm not looking forward to as much but that's all part & parcel I guess.

I'm excited for Ava to have a little brother or sister one day, I know she'd make a wonderful (very bossy) older sister.

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