Monday, 23 June 2014

Ava wears: Liberty prints by Magnificent Stanley

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Becky from Magnificent Stanley who asked if Ava would like to review something from their range. Now I have to admit, I'm quite particular in terms of what I like Ava to wear, I like her to wear things that are cute and girly but still cool and trendy.

One look at the Magnificent Stanley website and I knew straight away that it was right up my street.

Ava was sent the "Yay" Cotton Toddler Tee with the  "Isabel" Liberty Print. I fell in love with this top straight away. The cotton is very soft and lightweight and the gorgeous Liberty Print gives it a touch of cool. Becky hand cuts and sews each letter onto the tshirts which gives it the personal touch that I love.

Top: C/o Magnificent Stanley/ Trousers: Next

This sweet little top is perfect for those cooler Summer evenings and would look gorgeous slipped over a dress or with a little skirt. Ava on the other hand decided that her top would look it's best paired with her Peppa Pig wellies, much to mummy's despair!

If you are looking for a something beautiful and a little more personal check on the Magnificent Stanley website.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pass me the gin...

I honestly cannot wait for it to be Monday tomorrow and as a working mum I can tell you that is not something that I say very often, never in fact.

This weekend has been hellish! No exaggeration. Nath has been in Marbella, on his stag do, since Thursday and little miss Ava has made sure that I've felt his absence by being a fully fledged demon child. We have had a melt down every day and battles over the smallest things, getting dressed being a new favourite. I had so many fun things planned for us to do. Baking, painting, swimming, bike rides, dvd nights...and while we've done all of those things they've mostly turned out disastrous due to a melt down from the small one.

This weekend I've also felt like a bit of a failure. I've been anxious about this weekend as Ava is definitely well into the terrible two's phase (please let it be a phase) and with my lack of patience I find it hard to deal with, but I stuck my happy head on and on Thursday was actually looking forward to some one on one time with Ava.

Thursday was fine, then on Friday it all went down hill. After a lovely evening having a carpet picnic in front of The Little Mermaid she fell asleep at 7.20pm having had no nap during the day. Result I thought, I'll get loads done. Nope, Ava woke at 9.00pm and that was it. Crying for 2 hours until I was near enough crying myself and had to call Nathan's mum for back up! I won't bore you with the rest of my mad weekend but that pretty much set the tone for the next 2 days. I feel deflated and disappointed. Deflated that the weekend didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped and disappointed that I lose my cool so quickly. Nath is definitely the more patient one out of the two of us and I think we've both been missing him like crazy this weekend. I have the utmost respect for single parents. You guys are total superstars!

It is my hen do on Friday and myself and a group of friends are heading off to Barcelona for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to it and after the weekend I've had I cannot wait to get my hands on a cocktail (or three).

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ava wears: Summer stripes & Converse

I'm not sure what it is about stripes but I just love them! I'm instantly drawn to Breton stripes, for Ava or myself, it must be the French in me!

When searching for an easy to wear day dress for Ava I came across this gorgeous, cheap as chips little number from Next. At £6.50 I couldn't resist and quickly snapped it up. Unfortunately I've had to wait a while before Ava could wear it as in typical British "Summer" style the weather has been hit & miss lately.

I love the simple style of it!

I love dressing Ava up so I'm thinking of making "Ava wears" into a regular style feature and would love to know what you think.

 Dress: Next/ Socks: Boots/ Trainers: Converse/ Hat: Next (Similar here)/ Glasses: Mine (ASOS)

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Our Trip to Cbeebies Land, Alton Towers

When I first saw that Cbeebies Land was going to be opening at Alton Towers I knew that we would have to pay it a visit. With this year being such a hectic one for us Nath and I both agreed that we needed some quality, family time together and Cbeebies Land seemed like just the place.

With the offer running in The Sun and on packets of Kellogg's cereal at the moment (one adult goes free in conjunction with another full paying adult) and it being free for under 4's it was the perfect opportunity to go. Although the weather wasn't on our side, it rained on and off all day, we were prepared for it and weren't going to let it dampen our moods (excuse the pun). As soon as we arrived I immediately loved it, I know that it's brand new but it was set out wonderfully and looked very sleek. A lot of thought had gone in to the whole look and feel of the place.

If you are planning a trip here are some of my tips:

-Take a pram. Don't be put off with the thought of having to push it around all day. Outside every ride there is a "buggy park" where you can stash your buggy for free which is perfect.

-Take a picnic. The food was the worst part of the day, it was expensive and pretty tasteless. I wish that we'd taken our own food but we'll know for next time.

-Postman Pat & the Get Set Go rides seemed to be the most popular and have the longest queues, although the queues move quickly (bearing in mind we did go on a wet Wednesday), the queues are interactive for the little ones with games dotted throughout which I thought was a great idea.

-As a parent my favourite "ride" was Mr Bloom's allotment, and not because of Mr Bloom himself, but because it was so different to anything I'd ever seen before. You do have to wait quite a while for this one (10-15mins) but it is so worth it. You go in a small group at a time and are presented with an interactive show. It really is brilliant and it's put together so beautifully

-Ava was too small for one of the rides which was Justin's house, I think that ride is mostly aimed at ages 4+

Something that we didn't do was go to one of the shows put on by either Mike the Knight, the Zingzillas or Nina & The Neurons. We caught a glimpse of the Zingzillas show whilst we were on the Get Set Go ride and it did look fun. The shows are put on throughout the day.

You can also have your photo taken with your child's favourite character (they superimpose a picture of your child with a character of their choice). Ava chose Postman Pat, naturally, and it's a lovely little keepsake.

I thoroughly recommend a trip if you are looking for something new and exciting to do. We had a wonderful day! We have said that next time we'll definitely be staying in the hotel!

I also vlogged on the day so feel free to take a look!

Are you planning a trip to Cbeebies Land?

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