Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Potty training with Dry Like Me

A few weeks ago Ava decided to have a sudden aversion to nappies, they're "too tight" apparently. It was then that I realised this was one of the "signs" I'd read about. This was it. It was here, potty training time! To be honest I was dreading it with a capital D. Although I'd read numerous articles and blog posts on the matter I was extremely anxious about it. But I decided to do when I do best when it comes to parenting, wing it!

I bought two potties (one for upstairs & one for downstairs), a boat load of knickers with her favourite characters on and a lot of carpet cleaner and Febreeze. At home we were getting on great, apart from the odd accident, Ava was getting on really well. Then it came to leaving the house and I started to panic. Luckily the lovely folk at Dry Like Me got in touch just in time.

Dry Like Me potty training pads were created by mums (which I love) and turn any pants into potty training pants. They are designed to let the child know when they're wet to help them understand what's happening and quicken the potty training process. They stick into any size of pants (they are one size) although I did find that they were slightly too big for Ava's small knicks and some of the sticky edges would poke over the side. They're easy to fit and even easier to carry around with you. They were perfect for us, for Ava who no longer wanted to wear a bulky nappy and for me, nervous mummy who was worried about leaving the house nappy-less for the first time! They also save you from endless amounts of washing!

I have to say on one occasion Ava did a huge wee and the pad couldn't cope with the amount, some of it did go on the floor, although it did stop the giant puddle that I'm sure would have been there if she hadn't have had it in!

We're over a week in now and I'm pleased to say that Ava is completely dry at home, save the odd accident. She's done so well, I'm so proud of her. Although nursery is another story, she forgets she needs to go as she's having such a lovely time so I think that the Dry Like Me pads are going to follow her there until she gets the hang of it.

Dry Like Me pads are fantastic for unsure mums like myself, they gave me such peace of mind and really helped us crack the potty training process.

For more information you can visit their website.

*Disclaimer: We were given an Amazon voucher to purchase Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads free of charge for review purposes

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