Saturday, 27 September 2014

An Autumn Walk

Although I'm a Summer baby through and through I do love it when we experience an Indian Summer, like we are at the moment.

All of the gorgeous Autumnal colours and none of the cold weather that knocks your socks off.

Ava and I are having a girly weekend. Nathan is currently in Ibiza on his friend's stag do so Ava and I took the opportunity to meet up with my dad & his dog, Murphy.

We went to a lovely little tea shop for a lunch of huge homemade sausage rolls with Bramley apple sauce, white chocolate rocky road & gallons of tea.

We then went to burn it all off at the local country park.

Although this one is a little blurry I still love it!

What a lovely afternoon we've had. I hope this Indian Summer stays a while!

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