Monday, 1 September 2014

Goodbye Summer

As I write this I have a cosy blanket over my knees, candles lit and have just had a lovely hot cup of tea (and 2 slices of cake, sshh)

Autumn is definitely on the way! I feel like this Summer has past us by so quickly which makes me feel so sad. I'm such a Summer baby but with all of the wedding preparations we've been doing it feels as though family time took a back seat.

We did manage to squeeze in some fun bits though.

At the end of May, not long after it's opening date, we took a family trip to Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers where we had a brilliant day. I definitely recommend a trip if you're thinking of going.

Nath and I went on our respective stag & hen do's. Him, Marbella. Me, Barcelona.

I completely adored Barcelona and am desperate to go back. It was amazing!

We also started potty training with the help of Dry Like Me training pads but as I explained in yesterday's post, potty training seems to have gone backwards lately. A minor set back, hopefully she'll get back on track soon.

We've managed to squeeze in coffee dates, picnics, park trips and Ava even had a trip to the seaside with daddy. Next Summer we'll be ready to squeeze every last drop out of Summer and I'm so excited to finally be married.

My poor little blog has suffered over the Summer too. This space has been far too neglected so I'm planning a few posts and a possible revamp.

I'm also quite looking forward to Autumn this year. With nothing left to plan it's going to be full on family time and I can't wait!

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