Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Thomas the Tank Engine- Tale of the Brave. Review

We were recently invited along to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor, for the main purpose of a VIP screening of the new Thomas the Tank Engine film, Tale of the Brave, and secondly to give our opinion on Drayton Manor park and Thomas Land. Which you can read about here.

Unfortunately due to an epic meltdown from Ava, we weren't able to sit through more than 5 minutes of the film. Luckily she was given a very generous gift bag which included a dvd copy of the film. We cuddled up  on a dull afternoon to watch it together and give you our verdict.



Tale of the Brave is a story about friendship and bravery. When Thomas believes that he has seen the footprint of  a Jurassic monster in the clay pits he can't help but tell his friends and begins to spook poor Percy who starts to see monsters and ghouls everywhere.  The gang meet new characters along the way, one of which is Gator, who Percy quickly becomes friends with. After a cruel trick played on Percy by James, Percy sets out to prove that he is a brave engine, just like Gator and ends up
saving the day!



Ava and I have now watched this film together a couple of times. Although she did find a couple of the scenes quite scary, she did enjoy it overall, though I felt that it was possibly aimed at children slightly older than Ava.
Having said that she was chattering away throughout, telling me what was going on. It's a captivating film for children with great animations. I love how Thomas the Tank Engine has been brought into the 21st century. He's such an old favourite, the stories are so simple yet heart warming and entertaining. A lovely film for the whole family.

Tale of the Brave can be bought from Amazon for £6.99


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