Thursday, 2 October 2014

Our wedding- The venue and little touches

When it came to deciding on a venue for our wedding ceremony there was no doubt in our minds  where we wanted it to be held. We have a stunning church in the middle of our town. It holds mixed emotions for us, it's where we had Ava christened but also where we held my brother's funeral. There is no taking away the fact that it is completely beautiful. It has wooden pews, huge stone pillars and the most amazing stained glass window.

It even has a broadwalk at the back, perfect for photo opportunities.

Crucially it was also big enough for our 150 strong party, which brings me to my next point. The reception venue. Initially I'd set my heart on  a marquee in one of my Uncle's fields but after discussing the pros & cons and the volatility of the Great British weather we decided against it. We racked our brains for a suitable venue. Everywhere was either too expensive, too small or too unoriginal. Then my Stepdad had a brainwave, what about my workplace. I know what you're thinking, crammed inbetween desks and a photocopier sounds far from a romantic wedding venue but I'm lucky enough to work in an old 18th century, independent boarding School. It gets compared to Harry Potter's Hogwarts all the time, it certainly was big enough and beautiful enough. It was perfect.

Most of my inspiration came from Pinterest. My theme was rustic French (having lived in France for 9 years) We had so much help from family and friends. Our table plan was an old barn door, sanded down & filled with photoframes containing our table plan. Our card box was an old vintage case picked up by Nath's mum for £5

Fairy lights were strung on pillars & in trees outside, tables were decorated with hessian and jugs of wild flowers picked from my aunties garden.

The hardest part for me was trying to transform the school assembly hall into our wedding venue which I'm proud to say we managed to achieve. I  did have to pinch myself a couple of times to remind myself that I was at work!

We couldn't have done it without everyone's help and I was so touched by the amount of people who got stuck in! I also scoured shops such as Home Bargains (where I bought the spotty jugs above for £2,99!) and the Pound Shop where I bought vintage style photoframes for our table plan. I would definitely advise any brides-to-be to do the same. I was so surprised with what I found!

Once again all of the wonderful photos are by Pbartworks

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