Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A little trip to Amsterdam

2015 has barely begun and it has already been a crazy, busy month (more on that at a later date...)! With Christmas and New Year out of the way "January Blues" tend to settle in but luckily for me some friends and I had planned a little trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam isn't somewhere I've been before but having been to Barcelona last June for my hen do I've been determined to tick as many European cities off my "must visit" list as possible. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side but it didn't stop us from having an amazing time.

We stayed at the Inntel Hotel which is in a perfect location, right in the centre of all of the main tourist spots. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen most of these photos I'm afraid.

Our first day was spend wandering around the city and the evening was spent at the amazing Supperclub, if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam I cannot recommend this place enough. We ate a surprise 5 course meal on a bed and were entertained by burlesque acts whilst sipping on gorgeous cocktails then we've moved down to the basement to their own nightclub. A brilliant evening.

Sunday was spent on one of the "beer bike" tours, which again, if there is a group of you, I highly recommend it. Luckily we chose the best day weather wise with no wind or rain in sight. Basically you all get on board this crazy bike, sitting opposite each other on a long table, you each pedal and the guide steers, all whilst sipping on your drink of choice (prosecco for us) while we took in the sights of the city. I haven't laughed that much in a long time!

On Monday we wandered around the shops and I desperately wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum. It was a few streets away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and it made me realise how beautiful Amsterdam is. With it's huge townhouses, stunning architecture and quaint canals with their canal homes, it really is spectacular.

The Anne Frank museum was so moving and I felt extremely humbled to be there, I couldn't believe that I was standing in the actual annexe where Anne and her family lived in fear for so long. The secret bookcase is the same one it was all those years ago, with the same files still sitting in their place. The pictures that she put up on her bedroom wall were all still there. It was incredible.

We also did a lot of eating whilst we were there. The warm waffles with nutella, banana, strawberry & whipped cream being a favourite.

On Monday night we went to the Skylounge at the Hilton hotel, another place you should visit. It has amazing views across the city as well as great music, lovely cocktails and tasty sushi.

Although I've come back feeling exhausted, Amsterdam was such a fun experience. There is definitely no place like it!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What is your favourite European city?

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