Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Where have I been? Life lately.

You'll be forgiven for thinking that I've given blogging up, but fear not, that isn't the case.

The truth is since my trip to Amsterdam, life has very much been in limbo. I'm not going to divulge too much yet but I really can't wait to get my teeth back into blogging, I have so much up my sleeve that I want to share with you. It's hugely frustrating.

Also this cold, gloomy weather isn't really giving me the boost I need to go out and about, we've also all been struck down with the lurgy which isn't ideal.

So far in 2015 I've been slowly getting back into my fitness, I know healthy eating and fitness is boring to some people but I've come to really enjoy it (as ludicrous as that sounds). I try to visit the gym at least twice a week and have also got back into Pilates. Last year I was going to my mother-in-law's Pilates class on a regular bases but stopped going after slowing down on the fitness front. Now that I'm back to it I'm kicking myself for ever stopping, for those who don't enjoy the fast pace of the gym, Pilates is perfect. It's slow paced but you can really feel it working! Definitely recommended for any mummies out there who want to get back into fitness.

In other news I'm soon to get my blog redesigned which I'm SO excited about! I think it will give me some fresh motivation, there's nothing like a new layout to get those creative juices flowing.

 I also need to start taking my "big" camera out and about with me more often as I love the pictures I capture on it. Just before Christmas Ava and I visited Erddig, visiting National Trust places has become my new favourite thing. I didn't get around to sharing any photos but here are some of my favourite pictures, we had such a lovely day together.

In a nutshell January has been a pretty good month and I can't wait to share more exciting this with you, one of them being vlogging. Stay tuned!

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