Thursday, 12 February 2015

An exciting week!

So after all the talk of us hopefully signing for our new house, but it all being extremely vague and mysterious, yesterday we finally signed the contracts. So the end is in sight! Our solicitor has said we'll definitely be in by the end of the month so that has been music to my ears!

We're also had a brand new addition to the family today in the form of my newborn nephew. He was born this morning, two weeks early,weighing 7lbs3 and we're all very much in love with the little guy who is yet to be named. The three of us went to see him this evening and I was amazed at how alert he was, and also how fab my sister-in-law looked considering she'd had a two hour labour.

I think it's the beginnings of a beautiful friendship between Ava and little man, and also practice for Ava when a possible sibling should come along, no hints but I am super broody now!

Yesterday I also filmed a little daily vlog given that it's my day off. I'd forgotten what a mission editing is but it's now done, phew. I'm planning on doing another this weekend so do let me know if you like that sort of thing? Daily vlogs are my favourite as I'm terribly nosey.

All in all this week has kicked last week's butt. This weekend I have a little upcycling project planned and Nath is taking me out for a belated Valentine's day lunch on Sunday. Do you have any Valentine's day plans?

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