Friday, 6 February 2015

Some exciting news

These last 4 weeks have been testing to say the least! I've have a cold for the last 4 weeks, which despite all of my best efforts is still sticking around and life has been very unbalanced lately.

Basically we've been living with my in-laws for the past four weeks, hence the lack of blog posts which I'm finding hugely frustrating! We are in the process of buying our first family home which has happened a lot sooner than we thought, so not only is that incredibly exciting, I have to admit that I'm getting a little cross at how long it's all taking to go through. It's the first time we've ever bought a house so I'm not aware of the process, but it's no chain and we put our offer in before Christmas, surely we should be moving in soon?!!

We're so excited to move in and get decorating! I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I just can't wait to see it all come to life. The house desperately needs dragging in to the 21st century but it's all aesthetics, nothing needs ripping out or knocking down. Phew!

Some interior inspiration from a recent Pinterest spree!

We knew that we wanted to buy a house sometime this year but as soon as we found out about this house being on the market we knew we had to snap it up, it was an offer too good to miss! It's perfect for us, three bedrooms, large kitchen, front and back garden and only four doors down from Ava's future primary school. I'm so excited!

I think you can tell how excited I am from the amount of times I've written "excited"!

With us living with my in-laws, which is above a pub, it's been tricky to set up blog posts like I have done in the past, plus the fact the weather has been so awful! I'm planning to do some interior posts when we move which will be a new task for me and I want to start vlogging again. Possibly some homeware hauls and I want to start vlogging my weekends with Ava, as Nath works and plays football we usually get a Saturday just the two of us so to vlog it could be quite fun.

In other news my healthy eating has gone well out of the window this week! I think the fact that I've been ill and have been feeling a bit rubbish saw me demolish a tub of Ben & Jerry's in two days, a meal out with friends (which obviously included pudding) lots of cups of tea and biscuits and a wood fire pizza to finish off the week this evening! Oops. Ava and I enjoyed a lovely day out together on Wednesday, in an effort to find something a little different and indoors, I took her to Rascals Retreat near Wrexham. A lovely little craft workshop where she painted a couple of pottery animals and we made something for Nath's birthday. It was lovely to do something like that together, I treated her to lunch and she ended up coming out for dinner with my friends and I.

I can't wait to start things up again on this little space of mine! Thank you for bearing with me,

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