Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Ordinary Moments- Cuddles

This week I'm linking up with the Ordinary Moments 

There was once upon a time, when Ava was a little baby, I would get daily cuddles. I'd let my sweet newborn bundle sleep on my chest and just sit, completely still. Stroking her soft downy hair and breathing in her sweet newborn smell. Fast forward to almost 3 years and my girl is a baby no more. She a very strong willed, clever toddler and the days of her falling asleep on my chest are long gone, I'm lucky if I get a kiss nowadays.

I mentioned in this post that this week has been pretty rubbish, I've been ill for a while and that coupled with some bad news left me feeling pretty low. After a long, tedious day in work on Thursday I threw my old faithful dressing gown on over my clothes (!) and took a seat on the sofa next to Ava. She'd not long woken up from a late afternoon nap and was extremely snuggly, much to my absolute delight.

We stayed in the same position, with me daring not to breath or twitch, for a good 15 minutes, it was utter bliss. I wish I'd savoured those newborn moments when they were happening. I seemed to lose myself in a hazy sleepless drowse and a tangle of bottle feeds and nappy changes. How I wish I could go back now, knowing how quickly it goes by. I curse myself sometimes for life getting in the way of motherhood-if that makes sense. Like menial tasks such as washing up and ironing, I wish I had a clock to freeze time.

I read Katie's "The Countdown" post this week and it really struck a cord with, Although we're not yet approaching the school days I know that they are inevitable and I completely related to Katie, and shed a few tears!

I hope that these cuddles will become a weekly thing.

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