Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Ordinary moments- Winging it

Saturday's are always interesting in our house. Nath works then plays football so I'm usually completely winging it, as per usual.

I've been a mother for almost three years and one thing I have learnt is that no one else knows what the hell they're doing either!

My sister-in-law has just had her first baby and they have only been home for 2 days. It bought back SO many memories, On Saturday she came over to Nath's mum and dad's (where we are living at the moment), it just reminded me of how scary those Ordinary Moments were and how unsure I was, but looking back now, having been through it and survived, I want those moments back.

 I've been thinking to myself, how on earth did I do that?! How did I make it through the first year with a child without breaking it?

All those people who get on their soapboxes and tell you what you shouldn't and shouldn't do, ignore those people. They were once wingers too, deep down they still are, but are too proud to admit it.

I've realised that motherhood goes through so many different stages, once I think I've conquered one stage another comes along and throws me. So I wing it again!

I thought I'd kicked the terrible two's butt until the threenager stage. And this is a whole different ball game. I'm not a perfect mother by any means, I'm one who likes her sleep for one thing, so when the threenager wakes at 5.30am she'll often be given the iPhone to watch YouTube videos while I catch some extra zzz, sometimes I'll give her chocolate if she's whining, sometimes we go out of the house without me having brushed her hair, because quite frankly, no one needs the screams of a banshee down one's lughole at 7.00am.

But although I won't be winning any awards for the perfect mother any time soon, I think I do ok. Ava is happy and I give her my time and more importantly my love.

I think people can get too caught up in what is right and wrong but honestly, do what is best for you. Do what you think suits you and your child and what makes you both happy because at the end of the day these naysayers aren't there when the shizz hits the fan!

Motherhood is the hardest thing you will ever do, 100% but it's bloody well worth it. And that's a professional winger talking. So savour those Ordinary Moments, the ones when you start to feel confident or even the ones when you don't have a clue (me, always) because those moments don't come back and before you know it your baby will be a baby no more.

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