Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Life in limbo

Okay, I know I sound like a blimmin' broken record but nothing is going to plan people. Excuse the melodramatics but I'm feeling very glass half empty at the moment!

If you're a regular reader you'll know that three months ago we put an offer in for our first ever owned home. THREE months, there was no chain may I add, we just seem to have the most useless solicitors in town who have just whacked us with a whopping great bill, thanks for nothing. We're finally, slowly getting there but this definitely the cause of my unrest.

Nath's mum and dad have kindly put up with the three of us for three months, above the pub that they manage, so I'm sure they're at the end of their tether aswell and it's just not the same, not being in your own home. I want my stuff, Ava wants a room to call her own (although she's been so good about the huge upheaval).

Everything seems to be in limbo at the moment, from my blog to my job and with this move on top I'm feeling hugely stressed out and miserable! Although I love blogging and I love this little space of mine, I'm finding it hard to throw myself into due to our circumstances. I let it slide last year and that has affected my views massively. It's slowly getting better but I do find it discouraging and I'm finding it hard trying to get back to where I was.

I'm SO eager to get into our new house, I want to get stuck in to painting and unpacking and organising and I want to feel settled again. I want to see those pinterest ideas I've been lusting after come to life. The hardest thing is that we don't yet have a completion date, it could be two weeks it could be two months. Who knows!

A positive though is that Ava has been accepted into the pre-school that we chose for her. She will then move, seamlessly, straight into the primary school (when the time comes), so it seemed like the most obvious decision. She has loved her current nursery though and has been there since she was 8 months old! I'm sure I'll be an emotional wreck when I see her in her little uniform! We didn't think she'd be starting there until September but they have a place for her after Easter which is fab, although it does seem to be approaching at a super fast rate.

So that's me at the moment. Feeling pretty fed up and stressed out!


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