Friday, 13 March 2015

On your 3rd birthday

Dear Ava,

How on earth are you three?! I can't believe that three years ago, after being 8 days overdue, I would finally get to meet my baby! We were firmly team yellow but I remember thinking that you would almost certainly be a little boy. We wouldn't have cared either way but I remember feeling so overjoyed that I was wrong. I love having a daughter, although you are a daddy's girl, we have such a strong bond.

You are such a girly girl and love playing with dolls and dressing up, hate "butball" which I'm secretly pleased about because I hate it too. We're a team you & I, and you're constantly claiming that boys are stinky and girls are the best. I think you need a little brother so that poor daddy has some one to stick up for him! I love watching you play and you're always coming out with new words and phrases "cool man!" being your new favourite, complete with a thumbs up.

You are testing at times, sleep is still a struggle as you wake pretty much every night and wander into our bed. I'm hoping that once we are settled into our new house this will stop as you become comfortable in your new surroundings but for now daddy and I don't really mind, plus I like the cuddles. You can be such a bossy little madam and have a tendency to stick your bottom lip out if you don't get your own way. I know I say you're a threenager but on the whole you're very well behaved and I know we're very lucky!

You've been potty trained now since last Summer although you still wear a pull-up at night, you also still have a dummy, something that I hate with a passion but as our lives are so topsy turvy at the moment and we're going through a lot of changes I'm allowing it for now as I know it gives you comfort however I plan to wean you off them by the Summer. Speaking of changes you start pre-school in a few weeks time. I'm sure you will love it but the thought of you in a uniform is already making me well up!

I can't wait to see what this year hold for you, these three years have been such a joy. You have taught me so much and I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world to be able to call you mine. You make me immensely proud. I love you so much.

All my love always,

Mummy xxx

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