Tuesday, 3 March 2015

You know you're a mum when...

You know you're a mum when-

You find unidentifiable, crusty stains on clothing and have learnt to roll with it

You hide in the kitchen/ in the loo/ under the stairs/ to have a little rest/ sneaky chocolate treat

You know that if small child has a nap, bedtime will be difficult but you really want to read/ blog/ watch  an episode of Breaking Bad so sod it

You really dislike, but have to put up with, those smug playgroup mothers "Julius was walking at 6 months...on his hands..."

You really want to listen to Sam Smith's album in the car but to stop the whining on the back seat have to put up with Let it Go and Hakuna Matata on loop

You find playdoh EVERYWHERE

You are secretly glad the weather is crappy so you can all have a duvet day

You get the small ones excited about baking just because you fancy some cake

You weep inside when you've slaved over a meal and they won't touch it

You are powered by caffeine and wine

Your nutritious breakfast is a brunch bar or a left over slice of cake

The only designer bags you'll be wearing this season are the ones under your eyes

The thought of soft play at the weekend fills you with dread

You swoon over images of pregnant or mummy celebs, get me a glam squad now!

Can you relate to these? What would you add to the list?


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