Monday, 20 April 2015

A weekend of R&R

Last week was a tough one, stress over our new house, for which we are still waiting on a completion date, had me practically tearing my hair out, so on Saturday we made the 2 and a half hour journey down to my mum's in Milton Keynes.

There is no one quite like your mum to spoil you and make you feel better. We were lucky to have glorious sunshine and it was great for Ava to get outside and play in the garden. Something that she has been missing since we have been temporarily living in a flat above Nath's parent's pub. 

My mum is an amazing cook and she whipped up a feast as usual. Homemade chicken kievs and the most amazing sweet potato chips I have ever tried.

She also made a Tarte au Citron for me. 

On Sunday mum, Ava and I went to IKEA. I haven't been for years and have never had the meatballs, safe to say I was missing out! So good!

We could have spent all day there and we picked up some lovely homeware bits.

I'm going to use this tea light holder as a makeup brush holder, how cute?!

Ava and mum then went on to do some baking, which Ava loved.

I've been feeling a little lost lately, not only with my blog but with myself. I felt pretty down last week, a culmination of things but I've started the week thinking positively and I'm sticking to it. I've made the decision to get back into my healthy lifestyle which I think is going to help me enormously. I can't wait to feel the benefits.

Although we only spent a very short while with my mum & stepdad, it was just what I needed. I've been feeling very down in the dumps lately and just spending time with my family has given made me feel a lot happier and positive. Ava and I are heading down again at the end of May, I'm already counting down the days.

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