Thursday, 23 April 2015

Is there a right time to have another baby?

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It's no secret that I am getting increasingly broody. Babies are on my mind a lot lately, but so are the pros and cons of having another child, at this moment in time. We definitely want another baby, there is no question about that, I want a sibling for Ava. Someone who she can grow up with and share memories and an unbreakable bond, a friend for life.

But part of me feels like the timing isn't right. We are yet to move into our new house and want to be settled before we think about another child. There is also the financial aspect, with me currently working part time we haven't got a huge amount of money to fall back on and we know how expensive children are! The selfish part of me is also enjoying having a part of my life back and I'm starting to get my body where I would like it to be.

The conflicting side of me wants a baby right now, I don't want to leave too much of a gap between Ava and a brother or sister. I want them to be able to have a close bond and I definitely want another by the time I'm 30 (I'm 28 in July). I feel like another child will complete our little family and I'm excited at the prospect of having another baby to love.

Ava was our surprise baby, Nath and I hadn't been together for that long before we had her but she was definitely the best surprise we've ever had. I've always thought that next time we have a child I'd want it to be planned properly and I've often found myself doing sums in my head, calculating what month imaginary baby would be born if I were to get pregnant.

The exciting birth and pregnancy announcements from fellow bloggers  have me daydreaming about a potential family of 4. The tiny babygros and newborn cuddles. Having had a child, and survived, I feel well prepared for another. Although I can't predict the future I'm hoping that another baby isn't too far away.

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