Monday, 27 April 2015

The weekend linky

Charl has been a blogger I have admired for a long time, her blog "Write like no one's watching" was the first mummy blog I came across and I have been an avid reader ever since. Her blog has made me laugh and cry over the years, in equal amounts. Every Monday she brightens up my day by
re-capping her weekend, like myself Charl is a working mum and weekends are centred around family time and squeezing every last drop out of those two days of freedom!

As I am incredibly nosey I thought it would be a fun to turn Charl's idea of weekend re-cap posts into a weekly linky. With Charl and I as co-host, every Monday we want fellow bloggers to link up and share what you have been up to over the weekend.

We know that motherhood can sometimes be quite simple and ordinary but there are always memories to be made.

We're excited to discover new blogs and to find some new ideas of things to do with our own families.

The linky will be going live a week on Monday so don't forget to record what you get up to next weekend.


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